Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Why Evil Prevails

“No! God isn't about that! Rather ... he's about totally putting evil at stake as too dangerous for us not to distrust, I think!”

Jenny looked at Phillip. “Do you mean,” she asked him, “that God is about evil in the sense that he sees to it that it's there for us to be warned about?!”

“Well, I guess he's about that evil shouldn't be prevailing by doing that itself!”

“What do you mean?!”

“That evil is perhaps capable of prevailing, otherwise, by having itself seem as interesting as all that! By that capacity it will prevail no what God does! It is always there as an example of itself - either with or without God there - and that why God sees to it that it's he, and not the devil or his demons that does the presentation of evil for us!”

“I guess you don't find evil to be thing to be seen as below taking care of itself! Do you find there to be meaning to evil, then, or is it just that we never can get away from it since it is to sly at presenting itself as there were, or something?!”

“I suppose you don't find evil to be prevalent, then, since you imply that it shouldn't be seen as being capable of presenting itself as what there is to be dealt with?!”

Jenny looked at him. “I guess I feel that evil is too low to be seen like that! And I guess that if you feel that it isn't, then it's people like you who make it prevail!”

“No! I don't make it prevail! I feel that there shouldn't be any evil if we could help it! But I also feel I have to be into that evil does exist - and that it has to be dealt with it!”

Jenny sighed and pretended as if nothing about Philip for a while. She also didn't look at him again, but stared into the ground, when she answered: “Do you really believe evil is that good - as to present itself as the evil it is itself?! Or do you think God has proposed for us that evil is to be seen as the might that we have to be dealing with for the sake of it presenting itself as such?!”

“No, I mean evil is the might that has to be dealt with whether or not it presents itself, but that it can be into some good, for example the truth of presenting itself as what it is. ...”

“Then what is there about evil that can be good?! For example, can the Devil be into care for the child that is Jesus, and still be into destroying the world that is around Him?!”

“I guess he can't, but there still has to be some good in him for being able to make us believe that there isn't to much bad about him!”

“Then how come the Devil doesn't come to terms with God, and then the two of them can reverse the trend of that evil always prevails - supposedly by presenting itself, right?!”

“That's because evil has no chance of surviving in eternal goodness! The Devil thereby also is not capable of enduring goodness forever!”

Jenny looked at him. “To be evil is not to be too weak for enduring goodness! It's about being too strong for the sake of being good for goodness!”

“Oh, I suppose that's what they say that it's supposed to be! But for the sake of evil, one doesn't have to make it prevail! That is one doesn't have to view goodness as a something that will benefit those that are weak enough not to withstand it! It is evil that shall not be seen as more than too weak for it!”

“Why do you think evil isn't bad enough to be mean even when it's not threatened by that it cannot survive good?!”

“I think it cannot be surviving when were into good in the sense that it shall not be into that evil is sense! And that's why goodness makes sense, and evil doesn't!”

A bit startled by this statement Jenny looked a bit intensely at the man who spoke it. “Why do you think it isn't bad to say evil isn't there and survives even in God's circumstances?!”

“It's not true that evil cannot prevail even with God and His goodness around! But it is true that it cannot prevail as if there wasn't a parasitic tendency to it when it does! And thereby God, in His divine authority, sees to it that it doesn't survive, if we have that kind of ideal circumstances. But evil will survive just by being into that it cannot be good enough to survive without ignoring that God cares for evil to be vanquished. It cannot survive without that pretension, I think.”

Again Jenny looked at him. “Now you don't have to propose that evil is at all that kind of weak! It is God who is there to save us from that evil is strong! We have to care for Him and Jesus in order to withstand although evil prevails! So how come it's said that evil can pretend to be good, and that even without seeming good enough for us to say to ourselves that we have to respect it?! How come you say it, for example?!”

“Evil is evil even when it seems good. Thereby it's weak to the extent there is goodness around it, even when it seems good! Thereby some people are superficial!”

She looked at him again, and figured he must be into that weakness even in a Godly person should perhaps be despised as probable evil. She knew her father to be frightened sometimes when moralizing authorities seemed to be hiding things by their moralization. Now, she herself also felt frightened.

After a few days she had spread the word to very many people that Philip was an evil enough man to support the Devil as a Demon that is necessary - at least for the sake of presenting evil, to begin with, and then also for making it real enough to kill the weak. This she described to be what he called God; the Devil in his power of presenting evil for the sake of crushing weakness - and those people who have it!

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