Saturday, June 20, 2015

Trying to Be of Fake that Is "Worth It for Eternity"

”Try to think about it!” Leon said to his brother “Why would our enemies be into, unworthily of emotions that seem legit for people in general, trying to fake that they were intuitive of exactly this type of status for being sexual about whom they choose for it?”

“I suppose you mean that they would not interfere with us if we weren't into seeing them as potential rivals about the sex partners?”

“Yeah, I mean that!” he said, looking at his brother with an air of sophistication and clarity on important issues.”

“Should we, that is, try to have it they aren't worthy of any sex partners and thereby humiliate them? Is that what you think could be a working strategy against them!?”

“Yes! I think that could be it!”

“I suppose they will then have cause to feel inferior and also not be able to avenge that, right, Leon?”

“I find that to be a probable enough thing!”

“It isn't!”

“Sam, it really is that! We shouldn't think we have to expect them all to be able to rescue themselves ones we have some of them in that trap! If they propose upon that, that they should be good for relationships, then we can harass them about not seeming good enough even for a partner for one-night stands or so.”

“I suppose you all the time will have a clarity on when they will be able to come back from seeming inadequate for relationships? How come then do you find yourself to be the one to care about as though they weren't supposedly smarter at gaining the confidence of potential partners for sex?”

“It's because I don't find myself to be the partner to have to beg for a woman to be saying to me that I'd be a worthwhile date. And it's also because they don't have it in them not to view themselves as the more adequate than most for dating than I am. Moreover, those women that they stand for that I couldn't have - I've screwed several of them! That means, as matter of fact, that I am the superb at catching girls, and they are my inferiors - and this will be everlasting!”

Sam looked at him. “No, I don't think you're right in that they do not have any partners you don't know about! For instance, wasn't that girl at the party with Carl seemingly good enough for a catch he could have made you jealous about?!”

Leon looked back at Sam and answered: “I suppose you don't find that to be an imbecile virtue to be having, that of having the party seem to be a responsibility for himself to be into seeming to have the right kind of a girlfriend at!?! Still I suppose you don't find it any harder to ridicule him than I do, once you find out how easy it is to catch those girls, just as long as they don't seem to be sluttier than the rest of 'em for it!”

“I don't find them any sluttier than most girls I run into, those whom that Carl, or his brother Peter choose to bring about as their won for that sake!”

“Then how come, dear brother, do we not try to find out how they really feel about those fellows?!”

“It's because we can never seem to be innocent of realizing what they, the women that is, are about when they manage to get laid without us knowing it!”

“I suppose you don't find that to be a trick that they could use against us for the sake of finding us to be the ones who stay ignorant of their mishaps as long as they're flattering them well enough to stay with their asses for the time it takes to become a real man seeming trustworthiness for 'em!”

“I suppose then that you don't realize that they aren't as imbecile as all that! I mean that they aren't unable to find out what we're about with 'em, once we start poking into their business!”

“Okay, then I shall start looking into what they might be able to find out about that!”

“You do that! And meanwhile I'll try to find out what they're all about once they are into being some woman's man for a time, and thereby what they could get into concerning us, of blackmail or so against us!”

“Into this type of seemingly smart attitude I would have you for the first time now!”

“Oh! I guess that's just because you hadn't actually figured out my way of seeing them until now!”

“I suppose that means that the two of us will be into relationships with many women who are unaware of one another, and who thus find themselves to each one be very honored by the attention you or I can give her!”

“I can say we should not be lonely again, ever, that is neither one of us! I propose thereby that you and I go and find out right now what se should have of benefits for actually doing that!”

Thereby the two brothers tried to find out about what they had proposed for each other that they would. Leon did find something about how the women seem to be blackmailed by the men that they are supposedly fond of. Meanwhile Sam had found something about how they, the women, treat each other while having an affair with someone the other woman fancies. This he used for drawing the conclusion that they would for a man similar to himself or his brother that she would fancy him for being free to get laid with without that bringing her to shame about what to make of her friends when they get laid that way. Without feeling that this was too far fetched or so, the two brothers saw to it that they could feel that there would be triumph enough for the empathy between them and the women to make certain that nothing would ever stop them from seeming to be real about having the females seem smart at catching men, but not smart at seeming to catch them. In this they did manage to catch many girls and thus reach a fairly high-ranking status about them. This in turn showed them how to manipulate the women to be smart at manipulating other men, so that in the end the two brothers managed to become local chiefs of the neighbourhood. Thereby, none of the women they managed to catch that way would, if she found out, be able to complain much about them! Thereby, in turn, the two of them were powerful enough to break their enemies sophisticated defences against their own clarity, as they saw it, on what is of worth about being a man of good reputation in their town. Thus, finally, they managed to revert the women form doubting them into seeing them as the absolute powers that should be eternally respected.

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