Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Hatred

“There's a cruelty to be had!” the old man had said.

“I believe he meant,” Sonya said to her friend Angela, “that we should be cruel to those unfit for understanding that God is there for the resurrection of those who car to understand that he is there. In other words, we do not have to care at all about the atheists, and to the extent they tell us we're uncaring, we shall see to it that no one understands them as having a correct point of view!”

“I already did see it all that way” Angela answered. “Thereby, I'll go on trying to be a cruel and cunning person in that sense. And so should you! And to the extent they complain about it, we'll just not let them in on how to view God as the superb being he is, and thereby have them seem much more unjust than us.”

“I agree! Thereby we shall from now on always take it there are no cruelties in the Christian faith, and that it's always the atheists and so who cause all the trouble in the world!”

“Good! Then we can both go about trying to make them also seem ridiculous when they ridicule our state of mind of worshipping Christ!”

In that, the two sisters smiled at each other and took it there would form this be a smart aspiration to be having against those who thought they were the better ones just because they saw the world with logical eyes. Sonya added that she would go to the grocery store to see if there were any food there to use for the sake of seeming immature for the cruelty of being important enough to eat meat. Angela smiled at that and said she would follow.

When there, they met a store clerk who said they were welcome to look around but that he would have to be paid if they wanted any of the stuff he sold. The two girls looked around and found various vegetables that would suit their needs for being uncruel in the mentioned sense. After a while the two of them came back to the store clerk, each with a bundle of groceries.

The clerk weighed them and told them what they had to pay, respectively, for it. The two of them paid and then said goodbye. but before they left, one of them said: “I assure you we are not atheists like the rest of them, those customers that come here and have you seem so little by their comparison!” The store clerk looked at her in surprise and answered: “I am an atheist myself, so I don't feel very small about it!” the the two girls both looked at him and said simultaneously: “Thereby you shall burn in hell, for there is no peace for the atheists from now on!”

He looked at them in astonishment, then he said: “Why in the world do you think I believe that nonsense! I just told you I was an atheist, and atheists don't believe in such superstition! You both know, girls, that I am not an evil man, and that you are just being prejudice for the sake of pleasing your parents! I feel that you should both go to them and say that I am not affected by their curses nor those of these tow children of them that I hereby have about me!”

Sonya answered: “I don't look forward to that Christ shall not be ruling over the world, so that you and all the other atheists can be punished!”

“I do not mind that your opinion is as low as anybody's. But I do mind that you feel that I am trying to fend of the thought of that Jesus figure trying to take over the world. Actually, I don't care at all, apart from to the extent you expect me to be superficial enough to be even thinking about your nonsense!”

Angela then said: “You will see later that Christ will come down from heaven and then you shall all be punished!”

“I can't believe that! I don't know how they can teach you to believe such weird stories of how he shall be the ruler of this world from now on - and as though he hadn't already been put in that position by you!”

“I will not forgive you for calling that a nonsense statement! I will not forgive that you called my parents bad-ass parents who don't care for their children, just because they teach us Christ and not all the awful stuff that you learn in schools!”

The clerk looked gravely at her. “How come,” he asked, “ is there no reason in that head of yours!? You seem to be uninterested in caring about justice in the first place! And then you speak about us as if we were the ones to doom as though we were unjust!”

The girl looked at him with some contempt. “I will tell my parents that you are an atheist and that you will be evil enough to stop our world from being saved by the good Jesus Christ!”

“I will thereby acknowledge that you are so superstitious that your nonsense will be defended by their means of defending any nonsense they believe in!”

The other girl told him to shut up, because now they were going to have him to hell, and that without feeling a bit guilty about it.

Thereby the two girls went to their parents and asked them to shoot him. The next day they did. The girls rejoiced although they knew he had not been evil at all. He was only a man to be counted as Jesus' enemy. Now the two girls could feel self-confidence rise in that they had power over the atheists, in that he was surely going to hell!

But four weeks later, their parents were both dead. The store clerk had naturally warned his relatives about the girls' family. And they had naturally revenged the murder.

But, the two girls thought that was enough to put them in hell all of them. Meanwhile, their as they themselves, sooner or later, would naturally go to heaven, they thought.

They were put in a home for misfit children of parents who were part of the mafia, but who couldn't resist tempting their parents to be evil enough to obviously be a menace not to be thought of as anything but completely evil, no matter what they said.

This they thought of as a vengeance that would be only on the surface. But eventually the two of them grew older and began to understand that there was no cruelty in saying to oneself that one's soul is superb compared to atheists' souls. The tow girls thereby committed the crime of treachery against their parents, and now hated them for having taught them about Jesus and about how cruelty could change the world into His benefit and prosperity.

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