Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Reason not to Believe ''They" Are Good People?

Sonya sat in wonderment at the dinner table with her family and talked to them. She was astonished about something she was telling them about. “I mean it's hardly true that I can even consider them to be for real!” she said, and contented: “the two of them, who moreover also seem quite possible as half-siblings, at least, keep on saying that!

“They seem to feel like I am the one to be ridiculous to be the one to believe them - and that is to believe either interpretation of them!”

Her husband looked at her in amazement. “You mean they're really telling you either that they're stalling all the time or even that their middle name is Stalin or so?!”

She looked indignantly at him. Although she didn't mean that he was to be despised, he reacted to her gaze somewhat defensively. She realized this and said: “I'm sorry that I seemed angry at you! Of course its them I'm angry with Carl!”

“I know! I just can't help but finding there to be a dilemma about what to make of it when you look like that!”

His wife looked at him softly. “I'm sorry, honey! But you do know, don't you, that I never would want you to be viewed as anything like them or so! Right?”

“Yeah, of course!” he chuckled.

Sonya smiled. “Anyway, what I heard from one of my associates is that he has heard, from someone he didn't care to mention, is the two of them are being weird about it because they really tend to believe in Stalinism. Although this seems totally weird nowadays, at least, they seemingly, he said, are smart at really pretending they're blackmailed about their name.”

Carl looked at her. “Look,” he said, “whatever that Russian business associate of yours says, it's totally impossible that someone would in this day and age be able to do that!”

Sonya looked at him. “Even so I feel that there's not a virtue in denying that weirdos that pretend so might become the type of nuisance that in the end are really dangerous for me!”

He sighed and looked at his half-Russian wife. “Sonya, it's not he who should have said to you that it's anything to care much about! It's not he who should have been talking to you in the first place! I don't know if your Russian mother has it in her to be into that such things are possible here in the western world. But we aren't really susceptible to anything of the kind! I mean there's no thought of Stalin that would ever find any fertile soil around here!”

Sonya sighed. “Yeah, I know, Carl! Here in your part of Europe he wouldn't be anything but the laughing stock for all of us to have, if it weren't for the insolence of the way I and my mother find him to be Still somehow in power!”

He giggled a little while saying: “I didn't find there to be anything of this severe paranoia in you I answered your ad for a husband with relevance for helping you bound to our society! It seems to me now that you, not I, will be the one to deem relevant for that ridicule of being sophisticated as a manipulator who wants her fantasies be viewed as relevant for her associates and others to be into believing anything of!”

“Oh! You bastard of a guy! How can you tell me I'm not relevant for it?! There's not anything in what I've said that isn't into something that everyone else could have fallen for! There's relevance for that kind of trickery in almost anyone, in the sense that they don't even see that later on they might fall into another trap than the one that is too obvious to believe they would even exist those people doing that stuff that is on the surface of their attitudes!”

“I can't help that I'm giggling,” he said and felt that his laughter actually could have been repressed a little better. “But I can help that there's not any alternative for them but to see it in you that he, and then also you, should be looked at as if they have any potential to believe in that Stalinism still exists!”

“I don't feel that it does! I didn't even when I was a girl, who came to this country because my mother happened to find a husband who could readily accept her and me as his family!”

“I don't find that to be any different from that I am supposed to believe that your family now is situated very differently from back then, since you still really need my support for being into this country as an offset against those who don't seem to realize that they actually aren't capable of that cunning of pretension that ridicules the potential agony of being stuck up and imbecile!”

“I can't say it isn't your country that isn't about pretending our country isn't very frightening compared to yours!”

“I mean that! It is thereby I who never would accept that part of a theory that says a Stalinist - or even his relative - should ever appear in our social contexts or minds!”

“There's not any relevance for me to say that it's your country that is very generous on that behalf!”

“Then how come my country isn't relevant for us all to say that about?!”

“It's because they don't all seem to be appreciating the type of truth that says that kind of a thing!”

“I don't find you to be amusing now, and I don't even find you attractive enough to be the woman I wanted just two months ago!”

“I can't say that those fakers of some kind of enstallment or Stalinism are actually being what they actually are in real life when they seem to be those potential business partners! What I'm worried about is their masquerade, hardly at all, really, that stuff about them actually meaning that they could represent themselves like that!”

“I can see then that you're talking to me the way that I hoped you would! Finally I got you to really say that part of it all! You know I actually wondered what you were leading up to.”

“Okay! Then why shouldn't there also be a rule about business that those who don't represent themselves shouldn't be there on those conferences?!”

“Oh God! Don't they have that in that place! I mean it's the conference centre that really should see to it that they can't pertain to pretending that much about what they are there for!”

With an air of relief over his outburst against them, Sonya replied: “Yeah, that's true! Do you mean you're sure the other centres wouldn't ever pertain to that!?”

“Yeah - I'm almost sure!”



“How can one be sure not to be pestered by them again then?!”

“I can't tell for certain honey! But I can say there isn't any relevance for them in the other places I know!”



“Then how come the man I talked to didn't seem to feel that he had been rid of them when he was at the centre where he asked around about them?!”

“He didn't?!”

“No! He didn't seem to be anything but pestered by them even when he was at either one of the other two places he mentioned as good - otherwise that is - for him in his search for new business partners!”

“That seems totally ridiculous!”

“I can't say it's ridiculous since they are all foreigners there, even easterners most of them! Thereby I can tell that someone probably has prejudice about foreigners, at least easterners, and wants them to seem irrelevant for the type of business we all are into that there should be!”

He sighed. “I can't believe my ears about that!”

“You should! We're actually into this trouble about why foreigners are to be viewed as superfakers about why they should be here and not in their own country and tend to take things back to how things were way back, or so!”

He looked at her in disbelief. I still can't quite believe that you really mean to say they're actually faking that in order to make foreigners stay away from ... is that from business here, you think, they should stay away?!”


“Then how come they're not into business about trying to fake that you're all the types of imbecile people who should really believe we aren't into business that are applicable for their so-called faking attitudes?!”

“I don't believe you're actually into anything that is about business, then! I mean if you're faking that they actually could be business people, then how come they seem at all to be into business in your circles!?”

“It's because I can't find the reason for them to be into so-called business in the first place! That is I can't believe they're trying to be into - even, then, if you must be a bastard about it! - our type of business, which - as far as I go, by the way - is much more successful than yours!”

“You feel we all aught to be into business together and then you should be able to brag about the so-called success, of which I have seen almost nothing but an extravagance as if to show of money, but which really did seem to be a rather cheap facade for a looser to have to hide the failures of the past!”

“I have been into more money than you can ask for! I have even bought that company you were speaking to me about last month! I have also developed assets in the US, which I shall apply to those businesses I have at home for the sake of developing the absolute power over the market that I can be going to need for future incomes. ...”

“You have, behind my back, created hidden assets!? You have, behind my back bought the company I had been aspiring to buy for several years!?”

She looked at him, somewhat solemnly. “Yes, I have!” she replied.

“Oh gosh!”

She smiled at him, still solemnly into seeing it openly in him to be her inferior, in the actual sense, but now also worried that he might condemn her attitude of sovereignty.

“I find there to be a problem with that you and I continue to do business, not to mentioned being married!” she said, after a short while, now sophisticatedly trying not to be solemn.

“I can't believe what I hear!”

Solemn again, she said: “You're not into the type of business I am. I just used you for a springboard for my further affairs, and will later on not mention you accept as my late husband,” she said and shot him.

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