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The Aspiration of the Satanists from Slyentown

”I feel they don't have anything in common with those who have luck usually! Thereby they shall be my inferiors for the rest of time and eternity! The devil will help me and they might forever feel that I'm in the wrong, but I am of the smart class of souls that will for always torture the weak souls that are totally inferior and in the end will be the ones going to hell no matter what Jesus says or Mohammed preaches!”

The Satanist priest put down his glass of wine and continued: “We shall never again be conquered by the Christians, the Moslems nor anyone else who tries to defy our competence to be of the supreme worth forever! We will forever have the smartness for that so-called moral that is of a satanic competence and we shall forever have them abide by our rules by winning by blackmail what they think they can win by moral!”

“Patrick,” the preachers friend Toby replied, “I feel they never establish that type of moral in any way that is superior. So why start now about that stuff they're already trying to fake that they can handle the way we've been doing it up until now?!”

“That's because we would always be harassed by their believers in faith and so on if we don't embarrass them about the soul competence finally belonging to us!”

“Then how come we shall all pretend we don't have any cunning of our own competence and let that sanction us for the rest of the time it takes to beat them all!?”

The Satanist priest looked around. Everyone seemed to agree with Toby. “Thereby I shall see through whatever I can about the scum that has been fooling me about that stuff! I will hereafter see to it that they will be fortified as scum for hereafter and forever!”

“Okay, then!” Toby said. “But why will we be the winners if we cannot have seen through them already?”

“It's because they and I shall have a final battle! And that will be soon, I presume now by my thoughts of how I have been fooled into thinking you're all as incompetent as all that!”

Caroline, another member of the Satanist church spoke up: “How come then do we all feel that incompetent to begin with, and not see through them for the notion of reassuring ourselves about them as simple-minded and weird by their not so brilliant attitude about care for our spirits?”

“That's because they don't at all match our criteria of being superior in our assets of saying our souls are our spirits and they will last forever!”

“Then how come,” Toby asked, “do I find it to be unattractive to think about our 'friends' out there as anything but superior?”

“I propose that you try to find that out for yourself, my dear Toby! And meanwhile I shall foresee that they can torment themselves about their incompetence to betray one another as for the sake of moral, so that they others become disillusioned to the extent that they give up on Jesus - or whatever (whomever) they are about for their interest in pretending to be supreme while all they see is moral as the worth of pertaining to the upper class of souls who will last forever!”

With that Patrick drew a deep breath and then closed the Satanist meeting for this time.

The next day, he and the smartest of his subjects went to the close-by church and asked to see the priest. This they saw to it that they got to do by having it that it was entirely unfair if they didn't get to speak to him. The preachers pupil who they spoke first to said that he would bring him to them, and so he did.

When he came there, the priest said “The four of you are not welcome here, but I will answer you very briefly if there's anything you can have that says I'm a lousy Christian otherwise!”

“I shall not be of your service for very long then!” Patrick said obnoxiously. “I will not prolong you any longer than it takes for me to ask a few questions about your religion and what we have in us to say that they are the better ones than us!” He indicated some of the church-goers around them.

“Okay! What are your questions?”

“I presume they cannot be said without you going to search for the others that are into this convent as a good place to bring up offspring of the rich and powerful or so!”

“You said that you were not going to take my time more than for the few questions you had for me!”

“Then I shall not be of obedience, because I can say that you are a lousy preacher just the same! And forever hereafter I shall be the superior they must look up to, because they have already, almost all of them, encountered my power over their actual smartness for moral and worthwhile behaviour!”

“I will not condemn them to ever see you as their superior! Now the four of you must leave my church, before I call the police!”

“I would not try that!” Patrick answered. “Because the police are already willing to see me as their friend and benefit for the smartness of details about those who looter around their areas of care for the public!”

The priest looked bitterly at him. But he grabbed his phone and began calling. But even before he managed to strike the second digit, Toby had stolen it from him. With that the four Satanists smiled and Benny (who was the second best friend of Patrick) said: “Now you're not so proud after all, are you!?”

The priest looked astonished. “My God! They're here!” he said, but something in the air held his astonishment back from causing him to call out enough to wake the attention of the others there, except for the pupil of his, who had stayed there and listened to the conversation. But he said nothing to wake the attention of other people in the church. Instead he asked the priest: “We shall not see them, should we, as too small a story to be had for them all to notice!?”

The preacher stumbled: “Ye-es, I kn-now! I h-have the f-feeling they aren't the people to be dealing with as small stuff!”

“I cannot see why you don't call out to them!?”

“I-it's be-cause the c-cat's got my t-tongue!”

The pupil looked perplexed. “Then I shall call them he said.” But when he tried to, he, also found he was not able to.

“It is not worthy of the two of us just to stand here and to do nothing!” he said at last.

“I know! Should we, or that will be one of us, go there, instead, and catch their attention about what is happening, and who they are?”


“I will say to you to please go there and tell them then!”

“Okay, I'm going!” he said, but the forth and last member of the small Satanist delegation stood herself in his way. The others joined in and stood two on one and one on the other side of him.

The pupil stopped and stayed still for a while, slowly beginning to shiver. Then the priest called out: “Help! Please help us with those evil visitors!”

Now people saw what was going on there. But none of them came to their rescue. They were all to used to that there would be a reprisal if one interfered with the Satanists' business. Instead two of them cast the two threatened people the evil eye, and then began threateningly move closer to them.

“I shall now take command over this church!” the Satanist priest bragged.

“I shall not let you!” the priest of the communion burst out.

“I will not let you stop me!” the Satanist priest said. Then he saluted the big-deal imbecile of the cross with a salutation that meant he too should forever be of the devil's impact.

The priest saw this and took himself to the level of spirituality that said that Jesus could not be touched. Patrick and his followers then saw to it that the priest couldn't rescue himself from the idiocy they saw in that Jesus himself was an ambassador to the feeling that one is superior only if one arrogantly says one is of the best. But this the pupil fended of by humiliating the four of them by an arrogance that reached their black souls and aspired for them to be condemned forever.

But the female Satanist who had stood herself in his way: “You and I should take a chance about the attitude of being a churchgoer and make it for real that they don't awkwardly try to seduce us into believing they have the right to stop us from going to church without them traducing us for our good intentions of being church-goers that never humiliate Satan for the sake of being teh ridicule of the Satanists! You and I will be welcome forever to his paradise! There you and I shall go forever to be free and fancy our wonderments and love forever the Jesus Christ that stands before us as the tender ruler over me and all the other s of this church!”

“I will not rescue you from that your soul has to be punished in hell for the sake of your wisdom not being enough for us to gain confidence in that we shall forever be bound in the circumstance of there being absolute notions of the Christian souls to be going to heaven and the Satanists to hell!”

She smiled, then held his hand for a little while.

Looking deeply into his eyes, she then said: “You will hereby feel me forever be under the rule of the church that you propose is the best one, and thereby be under the rule of us two going together to the paradise that was lost before they came to be wise about the terrific supply of soulfulness that this church crazes us ordinary believers to caress!”

“I shall not condemn you forever if you don't take that to be the Christian church that has it you are the real wisdom that it needs! However, I will condemn them forever unless they speak clearly about why they're doing this to me and why they are here to harass the priest in the first place!”

“I shall caress you for being the gentleman who guides me from the evil of not understanding the church and what it stands for!”

“Then I shall see in you the believer that is probably here for the better, while these three others will be going to hell forever!”

“I shall,” Patrick said, “forever condemn you for trying to seduce my priestess! You see, Susanne has no right to seduce the priest, but she has the right to seduce one of his pupils. But taken the other way, it works differently! She is not really a pupil in that sense. She is the highest among the female Satanists and I shall condemn you forever for having tried to seduce her into your religion!”

The pupil looked at him and then realized he was evil in that he thought he was trying to seduce her, since on the contrary she was the one to propose herself to it. “Thereby I shall condemn you to hell!” he said. “For I have no evil in suspending her sentence to the extent she argues over her cause in the fashion that is suitable for this establishment of the faith that we are bringing about!”

“I shall then try to find there to be a sense of dignity in the church that we are in!”

The priest looked at her and said: “Who are they who will save the lot of us from this bitch who is trying to seduce my pupil!?”

“I will save you from aspiring,” she said, “for the sake of goodness of feeling down while the spirit is trying to escape to the avenue of respect for the cunning and admiration of the soul. Thereby, you may feel a little dignified once you feel my essence of pretending as if something about their pretension that they are into heaven when they say their cunning is of cares that don't together with essence of certainty about one's care for the actual reason to believe there to be a haven for the good to search for.”

Benny then said: “I will hereby call the cunning of the devil to be the cunning of the soul. And I will hereby condemn you all to certainty of death and to fading away constantly through eternity of damnation. I will thereby win the victory of the Satan we worship, who will never again be small according to god.”

Thereby the four Satanists left the church and said to themselves that they had finally won a victory over the Christian faith, which they felt they very much deserved to beat very thoroughly.

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