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It Was an Encounter of Unfortunate Infidelity

Stella and Hans were having their second child. As it was born, even, Hans looked at her, his new-born, and established for himself that he felt that this second child of Stella was not his child. Very troubled by this, he soon after told both his wife and the hospital staff who had taken care of the delivery what he felt. A doctor who was there then looked at him and said: “I assure you, we can take a paternity test, if that's what you want!”

“Yes, I really very much think that would be adequate!” Hans answered.

After a few days, the paternity test showed that Stella's second child indeed had another father than Hans. Stella, who was very chocked by this tried to convince everyone that she hadn't slept with anyone else. “I assure you, Carl, that there must have been a look-alike of yours in our bed, then!”

To himself Hans thought about the weird attitudes there could have been about him, had he not been sensitive enough to tell immediately what he suspected. “I suspect there's no better way to find out than to look for that guy and then have it he should pay alimony for it, apart from that I would like to sue him for dealing in our business of some sort!”

Stella looked troubled. “Yes, of course,” she said after a while.

“I propose you see to it that no one ever set's his foot in the bed room, again, whom we don't both know for certain who he is!”

Stella looked thoughtful. “I suppose that they might come to us and pretend to be you, and then I would believe you and I do know that for a certainty!”

“I will rig up some hidden cameras then! I can even have them send signals to me at work, probably. But I'll have to check that with the boss, and then perhaps I can see to it that we get our alimony!”

“I don't suppose you feel that I need some privacy from whomever that is that will be at your work place spying on me?!”

“I suppose you don't really want us to get to know who that bastard is then, do you, Stella?!”

She sighed. “I believe I can find out who it is in some other way, dear! But, of course, I'm not completely sure unless the cameras do say something about the intrusions that could possibly be there!”

“It is the camera that shall say who that man is, apart form that he looks like me! So when will I have the knowledge of what you do when you're not at home?”

“Don't worry! I'll be at home almost always! I'll just go shopping a few times a week and perhaps once in a while go to mall where we found our furniture! I suppose that errand is of interest for you as well as me, dear?”

“Yes, I guess! But why don't you suppose that I'll be suspicious when you want to be away for that long without telling me in advance?”

“I suppose you don't know why I go there and find our furniture to be bought at spectacular prices?!”

“I don't know why there should be so little that says you could be with someone there and screw him while waiting for the delivery of the goods that you've ordered!”

“I will thereby see to it that you don't have to worry about that! I'll see to it that no one comes near me at that place!”

“I suspect that will not be an issue to discuss then, right, honey!?”

“That's correct, dear!”

“I will then see to it that there are people I'm related to there on the occasions that you go there! And if you go there without telling me first, then I will assume you're guilty of infidelity!”

“I suppose you will go there sometimes and find out with the staff where I've been when I was there?!”

“Yes, I might do that!”

“In order to find out, you could also find a person there to be your informer about me?!”

“I just might try that!”

“Then why don't you feel that we all should be into this stuff about weird accusations about the mall staff and stuff?!”

“I don't like the way that they feel about it if we have to go about it that way! It is as though you want me to tease them and as though they wouldn't react by taking the part of whomever is the one to challenge our marriage!”

“I can assure you that even I can speak to them so that they know that we need reassurance about what our enemies could be in that sense!”

“I cannot believe they wouldn't try to challenge that! Therefore I will go there myself and talk to some of their staff members, not to mention the director and so! ...”

A few weeks later Stella did go to the furniture mall and there he met some guy who told her that her husband had been there and said that there should be a lookout “against possible tormentors of the marriage he and you have!”

Stella said: “I assure you that all my stakes or ventures will be for the best of my family!”

The man looked at her and said: “I feel that you and August have something to be talking about, then!”

“I feel I have to do that!” Stella agreed.

“I was not until yesterday that he went here for us to know about it! How come your husband knows so much about the whereabouts you might have!?”

“I have to talk to august himself, please!”

“Okay, then!” he said and left.

Stella looked around. August was among the staff members who took care of deliverance of carpets. She went there during the time it took for the deliverance of a ornament for the kitchen, and looked for him.

She found him while he was talking to a few customers. He quickly glanced at her while talking to them, but did not interrupt himself until five minutes later. Then he just said: “Can I help you, madam?”

“I feel you and I have to talk! It's serious August! It seems I had a child with you after that time we screwed last June! Now my husband suspects that I've been screwing someone who is very dangerous for our marriage!”

“I suppose you then want me to tell him that I am not that kind of a danger for the tow of you!?”

“Yes, I wold want you to tell him something like that!”

“How come we didn't have a talk about that you were married in the first place!?”

“I didn't want to tell you, because then you would control my will to say to myself that I was in a happy marriage!”

“How come then do you feel now that I can tell your husband that I am not a threat to that?!”

“I feel that you have a responsibility to say that to him anyway! I also feel that you should not be pretending it was I who seduced you and not the other way around!”

He looked at her and said: “I feel that you don't feel that I don't know why you would lie to me in that case!”

“I feel that you are not responsible for me lying, but you are however responsible for me having to feel that you should have a sexual encounter with me!”

“I can't feel that I have had any sexual encounter where I was informed about the details of that girl whom I thought at first was a virgin!”

She looked at him and said: “I cannot feel so totally responsible for my actions as long as you can say that I feel superior for the sake of trying to keep out-of-place stuff away from real-life encounters!”

“Then I will say to your husband that I have had no chance to get to know that you were married!”

“Can't you say to him that you didn't feel he was a threat to the good type of relationship that you and I had!?”

“No, I can't feel like telling him that!”

“I can't believe that you don't feel that you and I had an encounter that wasn't good enough for us to uphold it as the type of responsible relationship that is not to be viewed as infidelity!”

“I can assure you that there's not any intent of being infidel on my part!”

“Then there is not any clue for him about why we had a relationship to begin with!”

“I can assure you that I have no idea of why there should be an intimate relationship on the side of a marriage that seems functional without it!”

“There isn't any marriage that can work that well! I feel you don't want to admit that a marriage is not an institution of intending to feel for each other that it was only the other partner who was worth it to stake one's ventures with!”

“I thereby tell you that there is no clue for me of how I should know that this view point of yours should be seen as the absolute fact you've been telling me that it is!”

“Oh! I don't feel that he needed to be informed, after all! It's he, not I, who hinders such good relationships form happening! It's he and not I who wanted this marriage to break up, because he, not I was into soar attitudes about me wanting to find out what it was like with real romance for a while!”

“I can't believe you really feel infidelity is so honest, and still feel that you don't have anything to loose by telling people that your husband is unseemingly confident that marriage should be the only alibi for being correct about an attitude that is not to be seen as real, as you put it!”

“I feel that you have a slack attitude, in that case! I also feel that you don't have the guts to tell him just because it's you and not me who wanted to open up for the relationship to happen! Moreover, I feel you don't have the right to intrude on me and my marriage as long as you don't admit that I have a right to go looking for romances that are adventurous and charming!”

“Then how come you feel that we had an encounter that was so beautiful that I should tell your husband that it was better than that it could threaten a marriage?! Because neither you nor I had anything to say about that marriage! In the first place, I didn't know about it! Secondly, you seem not to be into relating to it as the bigger deal than some one-the-side romances!”

“I will thereby conclude that you are not the man I hoped you were! You will not any longer have my sympathy for that you seem intelligent and good for a man to be romancing with!”

“I simply can't do anything about that.”

“Then I'll tell him that you and I had an encounter that you were responsible of and that you should have avoided putting me into!”

“I will then inform my boss about that! She will not, presumably, be into letting me seem to be that kind of a fellow!”

“I will thereby try to pretend that you are not uncanny enough to even be into any relationship in the first place, but I will not pretend as if something about it for my husband!”

“I don not at all prefer to be called the uncanny guy that you should have a screw with! In fact, I regret that screw, and even if we did have it, there shall be no others of it!”

“I shall thereby tell people that there are not any businesses that ruin romantic inspirations as much as yours!”

“Then I shall establish that there are not any more reasons to say that I am reasoning with you without there being taunting on your behalf that is not my business to like!”

“I will thereby stop talking to you, and you shall know that although I have said all those things, I will still be seen as a girl who did not know what she was getting into when we had a relationship!”

With that she left him and went to pick up her two kitchen ornaments and then also left the mall without knowing that August had already said to his boss that Stella had pretended to be unmarried and that she now intended to blackmail him into seeming like he knew that she was married.

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