Sunday, June 7, 2015

Love and Imagination as the Virtue of it All

”Imagine that! She's already working on having us seem surreal about both ourselves and all the others in this business!”

“Yes,” he answered. “She's a real asshole, that one!”

“I imagine the two of you had a really good time, even so, when you were being friendly for a time!”

“I imagine you wouldn't be having too much fun, if it comes back to that kind of attitude when it comes to men, to the extent you feel you really do have a right to accuse me about it!”

“I imagine they don't seem to be anything but on the surface as moral as they want us to make of them!”

“Oh! You don't have to pretend that! They all are fake, but the ones who keep you in charge, that's all! Of course, darling!”

“I imagine that you will one day pertain to the fakes that imagine they are part of me and my hemisphere of love and companionship!”

“Whatever you imagine, I'll be part of it! So there you go in pretension that they are the bastards and you are the real good woman for a catch!”

“I imagine they don't seem to be into me as anything but a clever woman at actually nailing them! Moreover I imagine they can't believe I'm for real about them and their attitudes about me and my present-day friends.”

“Then how come you blame me for not being ignorant of their falsehood and for not being able to blame them evilly or at least - I suppose? - as cunning as you do?”

“Because I don't fancy that man to be happy who doesn't seem to be loyal and thereby pretends I'm the disloyal one!”

“I can't see I'm pretending to be loyal or anything you should be into as an immature attitude against that worship of imagination that you have.”

“Then how come we seem to be moral as long as we're aspiring for the virtue of witnessing and then portraying it in art?!”

“It's because there aren't any disloyal parents to be dealt with as much as there are disloyal kids!”

“I figure it's the parents responsibility to scold the kids so that they don't become disloyal like that!”

“Then how come,” he asked, “do you contribute to the worship of the imagination so much that they cannot be scolding them without there being a reprisal from those who are into that their imagination isn't enough?”

“That's because I don't imagine there to be any worship of them as the mates of my type of woman, and because I don't want to imagine them to be as surreal as the others, those who don't even fit into my picture of how a woman should be treated any more than a frog fits into the picture of how an elephant eats the leaves of the trees that they live on!”

“Then how come you and I don't fit into the aspirations of the absolute nonsense of the mediocre at imagination and the mediocre at presenting their imagination as poetry?”

“I propose that you thereby see yourself as merely my friend form now on!”

“Therefore I shall from now on be loyal only to the extent that reaches to the loyalty that there is between friends! I will now longer hold you back from trying to imagine things to be surreal although they are most likely to be beneficial for the likes of you!”

“I'm sorry! I didn't think of that as a worth you might have! I imagine we thereby should say goodbye on a different level of disgust! That is on my behalf, Alfredo!”

“Goodbye then, Sylvia! And may we not fret against each other about this sad episode of our so-called relationship of the passed!”

“I bid you farewell, dear Alfredo, and may our paths part in the most sensual and esthetic of ways!”

“Yes let this be so, dear lady, and let us all forever grieve the hunger that proposed itself upon us for being worshippers of sophisticated relationships!”

“Yes dear sir! And let us all be seemingly caretakers of the modesty of charm that rests in the sly slumbers of the absolute nonsense of the mediocre at presenting themselves!”

“I cannot believe we have the guts to say there's no one to say to us that we were mediocre right now!”

“Then how come you and I shall part forever it there's no reason for us to say to ourselves that we are among the best and therefore don't need each other for the purpose of portraying ourselves as the best!?”

“It's because you and I don't fit together, that's why, Sylvia!”

“Then how come that bitch we were talking about became so jealous when she discovered that we had a beginning relationship?!”

“It's simply because she imagined me, I guess, for a partner, and that it just the same became she who had the opposition against it in you, who she thought of as not very worthy of me!”

“I imagine the two of you could never get along even as much as I did with you!”

“I imagine that's a clear-cut statement that is beyond my belief in the status that we all are of! It's statement we should never imagine to be for real more than accidentally or by the means of some weird destiny that isn't fit for being appreciated by us!”

“I imagine then that you shall overcome the opinion you had about me as a friend, even, and thereby no longer be appreciated by the other poets you want to hang out with!”

“I imagine, in that case, that you'll not be any better of yourself, because I am also among the poets a fairly popular guy, and if you imagine it to be my smartness that it is about to put you down, then you shall burn in hell for I am not imagining you to be any worse of than me!”

“I imagine the two of you already sitting there and pretending to be good people without any attitude towards the ones who are saying to themselves that we should really be smart at taking advantage of their fake values of enthusiasm and worthiness for the cause of utterly sophisticated imagination!”

“Then how come you and I shall always be together even as the smart fakers of the opinions that we worship together about their absolute nonsense!? It is of course not our opinion that they would worship, if they do not even feel they are about to feel that we are simply into worshiping sophisticated wisdom morals and so - is it?!”

“I imagine you are in a trap of considering yourself to be the man to take for her, and thereby not imagining my ass to be the good one to take for a sensual encounter!”

“Thereby I shall say from now that I will encounter you on the basis that we only have such a relationship and that's all there is to be between us!”

“I imagine that you will from now on see yourself as the man to be taken by more than one woman at a time!”

“Thereby I shall from now on see to it that you and I will not pretend we aren't into a sexual relationship which she may turn into a catastrophe if she ever finds out!”

“I imagine that you and I shall never meet again although you wanted that to happen!”

“Then I imagine that you and I only have a relationship of the past and that is all there is to it!”

“Thereby, I shall never again imagine that to be a good time for me nor you to have had!”

“I shall not either imagine that to ever have been a really good time for us. I will however sometimes imagine that you and I had an even fairly good time together!”

“Then I shall imagine that you and I shall not try that kind of sensual relationship again! I will also imagine that you will not be able to ever find yourself absolute about any kind of relationship with any woman ever!”

“I will thereby imagine you not being able to fancy any man that hasn't got any imagination about you as the perfect queen and thereby the absolute nonsense of the sophisticated immoral that there is to being a queen over the cunning that it's about to be sophisticated in the first place!”

“Then how come you will imagine me being woman enough for even having a man for that purpose?!”

“I sillily pretended that back when we were together as a couple!”

“I shall then forever imagine that you are the fake of a man that I will never rely on for anything but sillily pretending absolute nonsense as though it made sense to you!”

“I will thereby imagine you to be an absolute fake about things that are in-between us and the imagination that we had about our beings together as a couple!”

“Then how come our beings devoted ourselves to ourselves without there being any devotion to the essence of absolute cunning for the moral that eases of during infinity of will to fight?!”

“It is because our being s do not pertain to pretension that is surreal about morals in the first place!”

“Then I shall imagine you being the looser of this world in that you pretend to be the fellow to be taken as a moral while although immoral not imagining himself to be of any worth for a woman he's had!”

“I will thereby also imagine you be the looser of this world for not being into moral about whatever you have dealt with of masculine partners! I imagine also that there are loads more of unhappy exes of you than of me!”

“I imagine that cunning is about choosing the right partners for that kind of status! And i imagine thereby that the cunning you've had about your previous relationships is not about cunning in the first place, but about pretension that you are into moral when you and thereby they pretend there's a goodness to the kind of cunning in a relationship that you seemingly always pretend that it were about - although it couldn't have been!”

“I will thereby imagine your cunning be of nonsense too, that is of semi-cunning that is not to be imagined about as if it were moral to be into it as actual wisdom!”

“Then I will forever imagine that you don't belong here among us who choose to be loyal to the imagination that never ceases to amuse us, and thereby the likes of those who imagine themselves to be utterly free from illusions of sophisticated measure!”

“Then I imagine you and I be forever connected in that sphere of absolute cunning about trying to be immature about each other!”

She looked at him. “No! I don't imagine us to ever have to take part of that same sphere of nonsense, nor any other for that sake!”

“I shall never imagine that you and I belong to the same sphere of anything but those two mysteries of cunning that you were about and I was beginning to understand well enough to now be able to stand on my own two feet about them!”

“Then I shall cunningly pretend as if something about how the nonsense of your so-called competence for it is imagined among people not to be because of me!”

“Thereby I shall rejoice in that I have the cunning from the beginning to imagine such stuff be of an absolute-nonsense attitude!”

“I will thereby imagine them not being able to find me attractive enough to foresay the future of the imagination of the cunning of the absolute nonsense that they will perhaps even worship you for!”

“I will thereby never again absolutely cunningly try to sophisticatedly try to humiliate that nonsense of a cunning that you are about in you utterly nonsense-inclined total bullshit of worship of the art that you call amateur. I will however never again, as well, try to sophisticate myself as to the nonsense of your words that are so-called poetry and the nonsense that you try to have it we shall all rejoice in as though it were clever!”

“Then I shall never again try to sophisticate myself about trying to be of nonsense for the value of the sake of relating to your nonsense as tough it were good poetry! I have not related to that kind of nonsense ever before, nor will I ever have to relate to such nonsense again, I presume!”

“I imagine you will thereby not be seen by the others as absolutely silly for not seeing me as the absolute cunning in the two spheres of absolute cunning of imagination that the silly people think that you're an expert of!”

“I will never again speak to you about my cunning, nor even yours, for the matter of sake!” With that she rose from her seat, took her coat and shoes on, and left him, never to come back.

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