Monday, June 22, 2015

Catastrophy of a Cunning Attitude

“No, I can't feel I'm bad for them! But still they try to make me seem as though I insult their beings so much. It's not until now that I finally found out they're into seeing me as what they're relatives are! It is they who have relatives in those disgusting old hags who really are so repulsive that only they, who are their relatives, can endure thoughts of liking 'em!

“It is they, not I,” he continued, “who have it in them to fake that it's moral that isn't worthwhile about the appearance and so! It's just that the younger of the relatives oftentimes are pretty and thereby very smart at pretending it's I who am the nuisance that also they will be when they become old hags!”

His sister looked at him. “But then you can actually pretend as if they would never feel that they'd have to be beautiful just in order to even things out, about that their old relatives are so disgusting?”

“I can't believe they are anything but the same as they were! Those disgusting old fellows and hags, who really disgust people all around them - and then they have these mean descendants who pretend intensively that it's everyone else who disgusts people!”

“So you admit that it's not only the females that become disgusting with old age? Okay! But then I shall see to it that one cannot view them as possibly, even, anything but so evil that we shall not be humiliated by them again!”

“I've already tried that! But somehow people seem to view them as innocents, until they are made vulnerable by them, enough so that they aren't capable of tormenting them with how obvious it is! Please, sis, the notion of them as totally evil came as a real shock for me, as does it for everyone else who deals with their young as though they were not evil!”

“But how can we tell them apart?! I mean most old people could now and then look disgusting form me! I presume that you also can feel that way!?”

He sighed. “Yeah! I guess I can! But then again they don't seem as disgusting as all that! I don't know how to put this: They aren't as bad as those old parents or grandparents of the meanies that I have suffered from being acquainted with!”

“Okay! But then almost all the old people could be judged as just the same apart from that some are worse and some less bad, it seems! Because, I can tell that they are going to blackmail the hell out of our relatives if we campaign against their obnoxious defence for their disgusting elders!”

He sighed again. “I know. But they will thrive unless I do something about them!” he proclaimed. “Thereby, I will from now on not see them as my friends and/or would be lovers even if they try to be friendly - or lovely, that is - with me!”

“I doubt it they could ever revenge that from you! Because you are the one to be able to actually present them as being as evil as they really are, I think! We shall from now on, thereby, pretend as if something about that they are evil and we are good!”

“Okay! Then I shall present my assumptions about a stud that was there as my employer earlier this year! I can say that it's he and not the others of them that would be susceptible for the notion of himself as the stud to be harassed by them, instead of that I or others of our people be that!”

“I see! But what's your point - or what will be your strategy, that is - against him!?”

“Oh! We both have a second cousin who seems a lot like that guy! She is perfectly normal to speak to, but very arrogant against those who cannot feel they are superior to her! This will make him seem like the stud to harass, and thereby we will have that it's not us and our people they pester! Presumably at least, they will thereby pester him to the extent that they really kill his soul! And thereby, I shall see to it that I can proclaim them to be as evil as they are!”

She looked thoughtful. “Wow! Then perhaps we could also blame him for the incompetence of finding oneself to be of virtue for anything else but to prejudging those inferior as supposedly wicked and thereby supposedly very punishable!”

“Yes! I think we will manage to do that as well!”

The pestering against the two siblings who had spoken did go away, after they started to blackmail that former employee of the brother. Thereby, they also found themselves to be inaccurately pointed to as evil in the sense that they thought they were the only ones who had the problem of how disgusting and evil some seem to be. Because that had been the reputation they earned by complaining about their own situations about such things.

The blackmail continued for several weeks, before they were run into by someone who pointed at them as the so-called superiors of everyone by the means of trying to insult everybody who couldn't handle their look-alike of that former employee. But they responded by simply blackmailing that fellow as well, because, there too, they found a relative who reminded people of him. This look-alike was obnoxiously happy with complaining about people who were obnoxious about presenting actual problems that they had. He was seemingly supreme in that his obnoxious attitudes kept on winning ground against those who really had something to complain about.

From that point, their two look-alike blamers benefitted them into having a smart position against almost all potential enemies, they noted. Thereby, they felt very proud of having had their relatives seem superb compared to their out-of-family look-alikes, respectively. Thereby, the two siblings were superb on the markets of selling their goods, and they became notorious for having all they sold seem better than their competitors merchandise. This they did by having the competitors seem inferior at handling people who were troubled, by slyly making their two look-alike blamers present them as and/or provoke them into being evil about the kinds of problems those two were blaming their look alikes for their attitudes about.

But, this became a bubble that would burst. It happened when, several years later, one of their look-alike blamers was killed by a few people she had provoked. Since she was killed while pretending to be that former employee of her relative, this stopped him and her other relatives from going to the police, because they were quite afraid of being discovered. Thereby they avenged the murder by murdering three people whom they found to be involved with killing their look-alike blamer.

However, eventually, the vengeance was avenged from the other direction, which they in turn avenged back, too. There was thus a gangster war on, of sorts. Eventually, the two siblings and very many of their relatives had died from it. Then, finally, the police discovered it all, but the story was silenced in the press, as are very many others that are too embarrassing or those involved. Because, we have in our justice system a possibility for those accused as well as for the defendants to keep their trials and so on secret.

The murders and so that never are reported about are many. Even the thus darkened murders that have something to do with such look-alike blamers are not very few. It is only that they almost always are very embarrassing for the ones involved!

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