Sunday, April 3, 2016

An Assumption for the Foreign Tradesmen to Have - about Domestic Pleasures

“Hey! Don't fret! They don't know how to handle the cold weather we have up here! And besides, those policemen don't know that it's us women that it is up here, to be reckoned with for intimidation, so that they don't squeal and so!”

“Okay, mama! But then I'll know beforehand - or I won't be any part of it!”

“You mean, Anne, the part about where they wanna be? Or do you mean that about how they're going to load their trucks when they're here!?”

“No! I mean that part about how they're going to be about their business. That is, how they're gonna say to each other, or to our people, what the deals should be. And if they have any code words or something, I think I need to know most of it in advance!”

“Alright, Anne, I'll try to have your father find out about those things!”

“Okay, mama! And do it thoroughly! Because I don't believe those Russians are gonna be small stuff to handle - if we make a mistake about them!”

Two weeks later, Anne and an accomplice of hers checked the loading place for the trucks. They were not seemingly intelligent when checking. A manager, who eventually ran into them, just said: “Kids, you can't play around here just now! Because we're going to load a truck here in just a few hours.”

Anne looked at her accomplice, who looked back and then said: “How come they don't arrive here without any big fuzz about them!?”

“It's because,” the manager answered, “they don't feel like being viewed as little people! That's why!”

“Then how come,” Anne filled in, “Can't we play here until just before they arrive?”

He looked at her with slight dismay. “No you can't keep on playing here! They'll be arriving in an hour or two, and they shouldn't be having to be into regards about any sort of children's play!”

“I can't find it in you,” Anne's friend objected, “to ever take in to account that exactly the children's play that they will see, perhaps, can inspire them to feel rather good about themselves in this country!”

The manager didn't remark anything about that. Instead Anne added: “Don't you feel that it's into this country's exactly fun that they could be wanting to be!?”

“No,” the manager answered. “It is not in this country that they want to play games with some stupid kids!”

Anne and her accomplice looked at each other. They were both around thirteen. “I can't,” said Anne, “feel up to pretension about our asses as being better than theirs! But how come they couldn't like my ass better if I saw in them to be the fun to be had about foreigners around here?!”

The manager examined them, scrutinized them a little. Then he said: “I suppose you mean the two of you could be those whores that actually don't seem like whores to them! Am I following you right, then?!”

Anne's friend looked at Anne and said to the manager: “I suppose we look like whores to you! But I don't think they would consider us to be it! Because, I have in my ass a little something of a cunning that is about those foreigners, and their ways to treat us domestics!”

“What do you mean you have the cunning?! And why should I believe you two should be the right choice for whores to employ for the reception of those Russians?!”

“Oh! They don't have in us to be to their advantage unless you pay us to be it!”

“How?” asked the manager.

“It's by standards of our life here, in the north, that you should know that we are tricky in not supporting them unless we have it in some of our own people to tell us to!” said the friend of Anne.

“Why, then, should I trust you not to be on their side, and bought in the first place?!” said the manager.

“Because I don't have to trust them any more than I have to trust you! So how come we don't play with them and feel our way towards what they want of a deal? Then we can, perhaps, share this information with those who really are cunning in our ways - and not let it be reserved for those foreigners that are dangerous to our community!”

“Okay! That's a thought! But how can I trust you to do the right thing? How can I trust you to treat those Russians the way a man should be treated when he's here on business, and not pleasure?!”

Anne's friend looked at him and said in a ow voice: “I see that they can be found to be reasonably smart at finding themselves stable at being sophisticated at their own business, but when it comes to our country's habits, they can't figure us out, and thereby we will gain the advantage that is to be seen in how they might be into finding our asses be theirs for the pleasure of a girl from this country!”

“Do you know what you're actually getting yourselves into?! Having them buy you for pleasure is against the law! And they will not permit it unless they have a guarantee that they won't be seduced into saying or doing anything stupid!”

Anne looked at the guy. “Find yourself to be the coward of not letting us try, then! But from now on I want you to know that I could have handled those Russians just as good as any adult mistress to be had for the pleasure of a weekend! Or wasn't that what they were going to have, a weekend of smart business, but also some pleasure around here?!”

Anne's friend also looked at the manager, and said: “If there isn't to be any pleasure around here, how do you suppose they can be going to be back here, easily?”

“I suppose you have it all thought out, then? I guess I can let you see them for a few hours! But first of all they shouldn't be seeing you as the first thing they arrive! I can arrange some accommodations so that we can spy on them. And if you can seduce one or two of those four fellows, then that's a trap for them that we should not display for them - at least not right away!”

“I propose,” Anne said, “that she and I go to bed with those two who are of highest rank among those who come here! And then we can, perhaps, find out something for the gain of our country and so!”

“Alright! I'll see what I can do for it! By the way, how do you know that they are into pleasure with women in the first place? I mean, have you considered the possibility that a boss among them might even be a female - not to mention faggot?”

The girls looked at each other. “I guess she means,” Anne said, after a short silence, “that you should arrange with the two highest among them who seem quite keen on female company for a night!”

Her accomplice looked at her and seemed to agree.

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