Friday, April 8, 2016

The Cool Girl

Without any regrets  -  and even with pride  -  she had observed the two of them fade from clarity on how to deal with themselves as even remotely able to live life fully. She had it in a friend to establish them as ridiculous, which he did for her, while she verified them as inadequate for life the real way. This had been going on for about two years when they finally met up with them in order to finish it off.

It was her friend who had recently had it they were not real human beings. “They are simply,” he had put it, “pretend human beings, and neither intelligent not adequate as she or he himself!” She had answered him that “They certainly don't act anymore real than they are in their fantasies! Therefore we should destroy them forever, so that their souls will never be here and disturb our certainties of ourselves as the kinds of superior beings that they will never reach the essence of!”

He smiled a big smug smile at this. She smiled a smaller, but also very smug, smile about it. Rather than staying together about it, though, they moved away from each other. He moved towards the cycles that were parked a few hundred yards away from were they had spoken to each other. She moved towards the ice-cream bar, where she bought a big cone of frozen vanilla-and-melon ice cream. When there, she noticed two dudes hanging out with their attitudes matching a certainty of being into the same kinds of thoughts as she and Anton had just discussed. “Hello, I'm Anna!” she said. “I very much feel like keeping you company for a while!”

“I certainly find you to be a worthy companion for a while,” one of them said, “but I can't say I really like you to the extent that I will let you stay if you don't tell us what you and Anton were just discussing!”

“Oh, it was just about the freaks we've been having it are so inadequate that they don't fit in either to society nor even to the circle of acquaintances that we have!”

The other dude now broke in: “If they are so freaky then how come he and you are here to discuss their whereabouts and not out there harassing them so they can't even survive in our world!?”

Anna heard Anton start his motor cycle. She reflected over it for a moment, but decided that there was no use in thinking about him for the sake of feeling worth it for these two others she wanted to hang around with. So instead she answered him without any further reflections about her friend.

“It's because they're freaky,” she said, “in a way that doesn't show unless we get at their phoney adequacy for society and/or the acquaintances that we have! It's they who pretend to be silly so that they can also pretend to be good enough for society, just that they don't fit in there yet!”

“And therefore, I guess, you need to freak out against them, just so they can freak back against you!? Is that it!?” the second broke in.

Now Anna thought about Anton again, because it gave her some self-esteem to add his views of the world to her own before answering: “No! You don't know what you're talking about!” she said with an esteem much like the one he always had in this sort of situation. “It's not true that we have any real enemy there! We don't have to pursue them! It's not worthy our time to spend it by pursuing such people! Instead we will have it they never are any good at anything without being any more of assholes on the surface than they are on their so pathetic, but sort-of good-enough, surfaces!”

“Oh!” the man who spoke first broke out. “How come then, they are the trouble we all have to avoid!? Because both you, Anton and the rest of you gang have all been seemingly into pretending - at least - that we should be doing that!”

“I don't know what you're talking about! If it has seemed that way, then I've better go talk to the others about it!”

“You go do that, then!” the other dude said.

“I don't know what makes them think I want people to avoid those freaks! I just want them to be seen as the freaks that are not to adequate to hang around with! They seem not to be anything but silly enough to be the ones that you would be avoiding anyway, so why the fuck are they pretending you should be warned or something?!”

“I don't know why! But now, as I said, you should go there and talk to the ones that are here in this facility, and not stand here and talk to us!”

The other guy looked at him. Then he added: “Why in the world does this lady think they are worth the time of even thinking about? They seem to be too really freaky to be seemingly even anything but the nuisanceses that aren't worth it to deal with! So how come this scum bag of a woman is here wasting our time about them!?”

Whimpering about this last remark, Anna left the two of them and said to herself: “I never want to talk to those two again! They seem to be so stuck up that I never want to ever think about hem as my friends, nor even my acquaintances again!” With that she decided to pretend that they were so stuck up that they never minded those freaks that were too low to ever set foot in this facility for the not-so-freaky but cool-enough-for-party and good-enough-for-joy people!

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