Friday, April 1, 2016

In this Neighbourhood ...

“We are the venoms of this neighbourhood!” his sister said. “I and my friends are the worst women in the state!”

“I don't find you any bader than most of the other girls I know! As a matter of fact I don't consider you bader than even those they suppose are the suckers about all of this!”

“Okay then, bro! But then I'll consider you ignorant of what it's all about!”

“I see that you can feel self-security from saying that to yourself! So I'm gonna consider that to be what you actually want by telling me so! But I'm not gonna consider you any bader than what they are just the same!”

She knew that he was not going to change his mind about that. So instead of arguing with him, she decided to consider him a nuisance from now on. With that notion in her mind, she left him to himself, and went to the park where they usually ignored the fact that they knew that some had their fake orgasms about trying to be cool just like she and her tow very good friends.

She seated herself on a park bench there and considered herself be of cooler attitude than almost anyone she knew. She was the kind of girl who could very easily get into a sexual ecstasy from just thinking about the love she had for being a vulgar smart kid whom everybody fancied. “I consider it to be a virtue,” she said to herself, “to be of a horny kind! Thereby I shall not ever be the victim of my brother's fake smartness for what is moral and what is not! I'll forever be this cool kind of a kid, and forever will he be my little bro, who never gets even the first point about sex and the attitudes that go with it!”

While she sat there and contemplated, a park keeper became visible and closed up on her. She looked at him and said nothing at first. But the park keeper said: “I don't consider there to be any reason for you to hang around here right now! You know I don't consider kids your age to be for me to consider reliable about their attitudes!”

She looked at him and answered: “I can't see you find it in anyone around here to be of an absolute attitude about not disturbing anyone else! Now get off me and find yourself at home with me not liking that you hang around here either!”

The park keeper looked at her and said nothing. After a while he left. But, then after two more minutes he returned with two other park keepers, one man and one woman, with him. They were saying to each other that they all had encountered that exactly she was usually offensive in the park.

The woman of the company told the young lady to leave. But the young lady responded just by smiling and then faking that she saw it in the woman who had talked to her to be the real bitch of the context. By doing that she insinuated that the woman she looked at was cornily pretending to be more moral than she.

The other park worker whom the first park worker had fetched there said: “I see the bitch can't seem to cooperate with you!” He looked with contempt at the young lady on the bench.

She looked at him and said: “I consider it a fact that the three of you cannot touch my ass for the sake of getting me out of here, apart from doing the illegal stuff that you already have told me you can't be about with us!”

The first park keeper looked at her and sighed. Then he said to the others: “Let's keep it a secret just exactly how much we're allowed to do; from now on, let's just blame her for whatever happens!”

The female park keeper looked at her and said: “I find her to look guilty even in the sense that she doesn't pertain to finding herself at home with us being moderate in our attitudes against the others here! So, now, what shall we do with her ass so that she can't brag about getting away with what she does all the time!?!”

“I think,” the more newly arrived of her male coworkers said, “that she wants to be one of the girls who's as smart as the bad guys! Therefore I think she aught to be considered one of them, and thereby I for one cannot consider her to be anything but a nuisance in the first place. That is, I find it in me to consider this person to be a reason not to like the kinds of people that she represents!”

The woman on the park bench smugly thought for herself that she didn't need to be considered a person he would welcome, nor any of the other park keepers. Therefore she said to him that she didn't fret his attitude any more than that of a child who was perhaps mad at her. Upon that, though, he suddenly began beating her, and then said: “There was not a point was there, in having it she's not one of the guys!”

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