Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Notions of What Real Is

“Gods!” Catherine burst out. “No, it's they that it wouldn't be! It's God in heaven and Christ who are divinities! Not they!”

“I feel there is nothing like a divinity in even Christ, if one cannot proclaim those gods also be of divine power!” her friend Linda answered.


“Because, they seem to be the ones behind that there is a possibility to always - or at least close to it - know what we have in God - or else to be able to work on being at least as good as they seem to be! ... I mean people like that teacher we had in the first three grades.”

“Then what do you mean by that when they interact, they don't seem to be anything but taking care of each others' wrongs?!”

“Because as they usually seem reliable not to wrong anybody, they can interact so that Godly development is secured. Moreover, they don't seem to interact for that on purpose!”

“So what?! Isn't that exactly what a God isn't?!”

“I say a God is in there, in their interaction, making them seem purposeful, although they aren't!”

“No, God does not!”

Linda looked at her as if for the first time. “If God doesn't pertain to influencing in those obscure ways, what do you mean by that Christ was there to save us, and at he same time he had to die on the cross just for the sake of our commitments to him?”

“It's because when we look at Christ and His suffering, then His commitment is even greater than all of ours combined, even!”

Linda sighed. “I didn't figure they would have brainwashed you this much at confirmation camp!”

“Brainwash?!” Catherine burst out. “How can you insult Christ by saying it's brainwash to even yield as much as I do to His divinity and grace!?”

“Okay! Let's say God resides in Christ and that we've got nothing to do with that he just seems to reside in the interactions between the people I mentioned! Then what do we have in that Christ doesn't seem to care about people who do not yield to acquiring the skills needed for receiving God's mercy?!”

But her friend looked indignant. “Don't ever try to fill me up with such nonsense again!”

“Look! It's not nonsense to say that what I speak of is reality, while you're relying on what people say there is in God and Christ!”

Looking even more indignant, Catherine proclaimed: “It's we who should abide by the rules of those whom He has already reached with His divine power! We have it in us not to ever need to have it seem like Christ hasn't been our saviour for two thousand years!”

Linda sighed again. “It's not us, but they, who pretend to be into understanding what Christ is about! I proclaim that you and I go study what Christ actually does want by having those three people seem to be of God, although neither one of them on his or her own accord seems to even be close to dealing with God with enough commitment to be trustworthy!”

Catherine looked at her. “Don't you get it?! Christ has been there for us so that one never has to worry about such things! That means that these three people can't be ruling our minds by their insinuations about themselves, nor even about their interactions with one another!”

“Thereby I proclaim that there has to be a commitment to Jesus in the interaction that goes on between people, sometimes even without either one of those people feeling that commitment him- or herself!!”

“Then how come that commitment doesn't surface to me even when I intend to put Jesus forward for the sake of having Him be the salvation necessary for their commitments to seem real about even proclaiming their realms of interest and thus their interactions be real about God?!”

“That's due to the fact that their interactions are so hard to believe to be Godly that your belief in Christ can hardly be enough for them to surface just because of the so-called good belief you have in that saviour!”

Looking very indignant, her friend looked at her and answered: “If that's your view on me, then here's what we have from now on: You are not my friend, and I can't trust you to be even one bit clear on how my commitment to God and our Lord Jesus the Saviour could benefit both you and even those three people!”

“I suppose you want to crush my beliefs in that things could work out God's way even without Christ already being there?! Supposedly it's Christ and him only that I should believe in, and then not even observe reality in any other sense!? How come you feel that it's Christ and not the social structures around us that actually guide us to intuition about what God cares for and what He will always be for us?!”

Her friend looked at her with disdain and the contempt only a religious person could feel righteous about having. “It's not evil to commit oneself to Christ! But it is evil to commit His teachings to the absolute nonsense of saying that some people's social structure or interaction with one another is too important for Him to be the salvation needed for us all!”

“Cath, how come they never seemed to be into Christ in the first place, do you think? It's not they, it's us - or else it's just you - who disdain the capability of having a morality be a virtue at hand - ... except for when it's a virtue at hand ... except when it's done only for giving Him all the credit for it!”

“I guess that when I was away to confirmation camp, you where out seeking the Jews that might teach you to argue like that!”

“No, I haven't been speaking to some Jews about it! It's not about them! It's about our commitments to Him, that great Jew, who died at the cross for our sake! Thereby there's not any excuse for you to scold me this way! There's no Jew in this, and even if there had been one, what would that have made of a difference for your opinion about what I have to say?!”

“I guess they have all brainwashed you then, those people you say interact, and those people who are in turn committed to the Jews!”

“It's not true that it's Jews that it's all about!”

“Then how come there's talk in you about God as nothing but a divinity of high strung stakes about His own dignity!? How come there's not the humility, according to you, in Him of being the divine power for us, who resurrects us by sending His own son to us?!”

“I guess it's because that seems real about seeing life the way it actually is, and not just into that nonsense of saying the church provides everything about what life is about!”

“We thereby have that you are a blasphemer on your own accord!”

“No! You seem to still not really get who I am! It's not I, it's you who's the brainwashed one! It's not they, those three and/or the others you seem to want to insinuate that about! It's not they, nor I, who want to brainwash people! Thereby, it's you, and not they, who are into sacrilege by proclaiming sanctimonious the dogmatics of authority and hierarchy!”

Her now former friend Catherine looked at her. “I see! And so I have to feel, you think, that they are into God just because they seem to be against that hierarchy that they all actually embrace! It is their embrace that it is, of Satan, that brings out the illusion - caused by him, and not God - that proclaims them to be the ones to be of God!”

“It's not you who get, then, that the three I spoke about don't get into any proclamations of themselves as Godly; they just are of God! They don't (like you!) need to proclaim themselves to be it! Thereby it's you and not I who have been brainwashed during the vacation!”

“Then I and not you have been led to the real teachings of Christ, which you call brainwash, but that's just because you don't understand anything about the real Christ, our saviour!”

“If that is so, how come then you have to say to yourself that it's Christ and not they who have anything of reality about them?!”

“That's because Christ has the absolute notion of reality!”

“Oh! It's that simple is it?!”

“No! It's not that simple! But that's all there is to say to someone who doesn't believe in the Christ that is after all there for us all to be our saviour and show us the way to the right way of living and so.”

“I don't believe that!” Linda said.

“Then you are of the devil! Thereby I will not have to speak to you anymore!”

“That's just out of fear of that what doesn't need proclamations can come to be seen as what it is!”

Catherine looked at her and said nothing. Indeed she said nothing to her ever again.

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