Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Ridicule and Reputation

“Chris!” Larry exclaimed, “We don't have any alibi for saying Andy is precarious about women! Because we'd be equally precarious, if it were up to them to determine who is precarious and who isn't!”

Chris giggled. His buddy seemed to be into pretending as if something about Andy's craze for women as if it were the same as their crazes against that the women seem clear-cut about who can know and want what (when and where). “It isn't they who should decide who we are, and that is in the first place!” he told his old buddy. “Besides it's you and I who can be funny about them, and hardly they about us!”

Larry looked to the ground, seeming sort of serious, but insinuating something of a faint smug smile. “I find them to be funny about how we rivet upon ourselves as funny! That is, we can find ourselves to be funny, but we can't think about them as if they always enjoyed that as an amusement!”

“Larry! How can you say that to me! ... We're not being real funny about them without them being funny about us, but that doesn't mean they amuse us more than we amuse them!”

Again Larry insinuated a faint smug. “Even so, perhaps we can connect our minds to them and then be helpless in that they can insinuate something about us the same way we have been insinuating about them!”

“So what!? Then we can handle it!” He looked at his buddy with a air of both apprehension and mockery.

“It's ridiculous to say that they aren't being cleverly enough to have an air of that we can handle them more than they can handle us. But in reality we can't ever be handling them in a way even as clever as theirs about us!”

Chris' air of apprehension became slightly more serious. “Do you mean that we aren't clever enough not to ever ridicule that we realize that they pretend as if nothing about what harm they might be into doing to us?!”

For the first time Larry looked dead serious. “Yeah, Chris, yeah, I mean that!”

Chris swallowed. He looked around as if for an answer, he too looking really serious now. After a while he bent his head forward towards his old friend and whispered: “Then we don't have any choice but to ridicule their asses so much that they can't have a chance to ridicule us - and that is ever that it should be!”

Larry looked at him. Still very serious he whispered back: “Exactly! Thereby we also should always take for granted that they will ridicule our asses as long as we don't ridicule theirs!”

“I agree!” Chris muttered, now sitting sitting in an upright position again.”

“Do you know what?! We don't have any choice but to be evil with women, while they have the choice to be either good or evil with men!”

“Yeah, that's right, I suppose.”

Thereby the two buddies started ridiculing all the girls they hung around with, and to some extent also guys. This led them to believe they didn't seem quite intent on ridiculing women as intensely as they did, but rather that they just happened to feel that they were easier to kid about. Even so, to begin with Susan, and then also a few other girls started to ridicule the thought of realizing that Chris and Larry wouldn't be fancying mocking them intensely no matter what the circumstance. Thereby, each of the two boys lost his air of being good enough, and thereby his possibilities of presenting himself as good enough as a friend or so for new people he met.

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