Friday, May 26, 2017

Victims of a Champ's(?) Manipulations

“Oh! It's that girl!” Carl said.

“Yeah! It's the one who's called Pious Craving!”

“Yeah, I have heard it! But why is she called that?!”

“Well,” Conrad answered, “some say that it's just because she's horny although into piety, and that she likes to present it that way! But others have said that she's actually into insinuation about either her real name, or the name of a look-alike of hers!”

“Does anyone know who that look-alike is?!”

“Oh! That's some girl who is a master in couronne, who's name is something similar to that! Or else, perhaps, she is herself that master of couronne!”

“Okay! So it's she, then, who wants us all to fall for that she has an ass of her own, which is just as good as a faggots ass!”

“Yeah! That's her! ... It's that bitch who keeps pretending she should get along with us faggots so much that she doesn't seem to have actual yearning after men! That is she seems to be an actual part of gay male social life, and then tries to insinuate that it's us that her horniness is about!”

“Ohh! It's that kind of a bitch!” Carl looked thoughtful.

Yeah! That's it!” his friend answered, and looked at him. “I guess I got you a bit puzzle there!”

“Hmh! Yeah! I feel puzzled.”

“I'm not sure if there's anyone I know who actually can be sure about if she's the actual master of couronne, or if she's just that kind of dirty man-craving bitch who wants to blame someone who has a name similar to hers!”

“I see!” Carl said, still looking rather thoughtful.

“Well, anyway, you and I have a good relationship going, but she wants to get into it!”

“I see your point!”

“Even though I don't desire her - at all - I still feel kind of that I could be cornily getting into her, as if there was a need for her in the way I feel about people!”

“I know! ... I mean that's what I expected from you!”

Conrad looked a bit troubled. “Mmh! I guess you feel I'm not quite a guy to be reckoned with as as trustworthy as you would like your boyfriend to be?!”

Carl too looked a bit troubled. “I sort of meant that. But I also mean that it's not a bigger deal than that we can handle it the way we usually handle outsiders that I don't have any desire for!”

“We should, I guess, in that case, see to it that she can't get anywhere?!”

“Of course! But that's what I thought you already were doing!”

“Why do you feel that you can expect that?!”

“You usually seem to reveal such stuff for me in time for us to talk enough about it for me not to have to become jealous!”

But Conrad looked troubled. “We have to discuss a whole lot of things that I haven't been saying to ya!”

“I don't think so! Actually, I feel confident that you're quite obvious about such nuisances!”

“Don't pretend that you actually can feel safe about me!”

“But I can!”

“What the hell do you mean by believing I would - as surely as that - actually divulge everything you could come to need to know?!”

“I simply mean that I can feel safe about you - and that's all there is to it!”

But still looking troubled, Conrad answered: “In that case you don't even trust me enough to want to know what I can be about some of those nights when you're out playing bridge, and I go to those pubs where loads of people dig into me as a homo man to be taken for the kind of guy who might show them what they need of appreciation and sexual attention!”

“Then, if there isn't a belief in ya about yourself as trustworthy, then what the fuck are you doing being committed to me as the boy of your choice in the first place?!”

“I guess the girl who calls herself Pious Craving could be into that you and I should be quarreling, so that she could get into one of us - and perhaps even make us reconcile, and have both! I feel thereby that you and I should break up, but not - either one of us - get into that girl's circles, nor either one of us reassert her about what she wants!”

With that he broke up.

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