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Reaching for Eternity through Relatives, Dead or Not!

Mother and son were standing in some fairly faint moonlight, before the building they knew his father had entered, and - almost certainly - not left. They both had intended to find what his spirit could say about his killers. But now the son seemed to have changed his mind.

“It sucks!” he told his mother. “There's no point in entering that building!”

She looked at him in disappointment. “Don't you get it?! If your papa's in there, we can perhaps find out about what happened!”

“I don't believe daddy's going to be alive, mama! I don't want to go in there and risk my own skin for the sake of finding out!”

She stood there and wondered, about herself, how she could feel so sure about it; but, even so, she somehow felt that she in her authority as a mother should instruct her son to go in there! “Even though there's at least a ghost after your dear old dad,” she reproached him, “you don't feel like caring to see to it that he can see to it that you and I learn what there was about these people, and how come they killed him?!”

“I'm sorry mama, but I don't feel that I can see to it that he can see to it that we learn from that he even might have a ghost in there! I can't do in there and risk that they discover it! And whether or not he has a ghost there is irrelevant for what they will do to me if they discover it!”

“Sorry sonny! But you and I have to go there! And we shall go in there now!” With that she lifted him to her chest and held him there, comforting him, the way a mother can comfort her son.

“I guess I can come along together with you, then, but we should not stay in for too long I think!”

“I'll see to it that your daddy speaks to me as soon as there's a possibility of tracing his spirit among the evil spirits in there, and insinuations from them! We shall, you and I, see to it that he speaks to us! If I can't, then you can! That's how it'll be!!”

“I hope so mom!” he said, almost sobbing, as she began to walk towards the building with him.

At the door she put her son down, carefully, instructing him to take it easy and not to run away, now that he was so close to the goal of seeing his father's spirit. He obeyed, and watched her use her hair pin to pick the lock. She was cunning enough to unlock it in about five minutes. Then, as she opened the door he felt a chill from inside. She held his hand and made him feel very ensured that she would manage to get the two of them out of there after they had contacted father's spirit and learnt from it.

Walking hand in hand, the two of them entered a living room, with a number of old framed paintings on its walls. Looking at one of them, the son said: “Here he is! They can spy on us unless we use that painting as protection!”

Boggled by his intuition, she smiled a bit happily, and then began to intuitively suggest for the ghost to appear within or at least close to the picture. After about two minutes, a ghost did appear in front of them. He said to them that they had to hurry, because he was going soon to be manipulated into not being able to know what was real and what wasn't. He said that even though he was protected by the picture, the murderers' intimidations against him worked strongly enough against his spirit so he would be unable to talk after about five minutes - or even less, he told them.

Whispering, they interrogated him about the killers, what they were after and what whereabouts they were using. He answered and she noted it in a tablet she had brought along for the purpose. After only about four minutes he began to fade away, and forty seconds later it was impossible to reach him.

The mother had fairly much information now, however. But she was missing one thing that was very important. That was where they were going to be when they wanted to strike against her, her son and the few others they had with them in this. Even so, she was rather satisfied with what they had achieved this evening.

While leaving the building her son asked: “Is daddy going to be gone from us forever after this?” He seemed pitiful while asking it.

“I hope not!” his mother answered, and even she felt a bit paltry at the thought of this perhaps being so. She thought for a while, then she added: “I suppose we can still have the intuition about him that we need, especially after this meeting with him!” Her son seemed a bit comforted by these words.

Upon this, they walked silently towards the gates when they heard a car approaching. In this, they knew that their intuition had been stronger than they thought it would be. In order not to be seen - at least not immediately - they hid in some bushes in the yard, away from the driveway, where a van entered soon after they were able to dive into the bushes.

The van did not enter the garage, but was parked right before it. Three people stepped out of it, two men and one woman. The woman had some quite garish make-up on, which disturbed the two who were hiding in the bushes from apprehending the ghost even by what they had of intuition about the father. Looking at each other, though, the two of them chose not to rule out that this change was only temporary.

“I'll watch them, sonny!” the mother whispered. “Meanwhile, won't you try to dig a hole below that fence, or something?!”

“Okay!” he said, and picked up a stick for doing it.

While he began digging, his mother watched their enemies. There were now four people outside the van, two men and two women. She kept watching, and saw one of the men open the van's back door, and she saw and heard the woman who had left the van last whistle.

Out from the van jumped three big dogs. They were obviously dangerous for the two in the bushes. Thereby, the mother cocked her gun as silently as she could. Meanwhile, her son was getting somewhere with digging a hole below the fence. “I can almost exit through it!” he whispered gladly to his mother, who still looked troubled though. “Good!” she answered. “When you can, go to the outside, and if it's not too frightening for you, please stay there and dig so that even I can exit there!” As she spoke her boy managed to move a rock so that he probably could leave right away, which he tried, and managed to crawl outside. But, meanwhile the dogs were running towards the bushes. The son saw his mother shoot two of them; one died the other was injured. The third dog stood and hesitated. It was some twelve yards from her, and, as it was dark, she would probably miss it. The boy kept on digging.

After a while, the mother had moved closer to the hole that her son was digging in. She was keen on still keeping an eye on the dog, which kept standing in the same place, though. But the people of the van were approaching, and they shone with flashlights towards the bushes. Two of those flashlights rested at the dogs for a while, and the people began mumbling things to each other about it. A third flashlight almost revealed where the mother was, but she was able to duck below a think enough foliage. After this she two began digging.

This she did for thirteen seconds her son warned her: “The third dog is charging!” She picked up her gun and was able to shoot it. But now the people too were approaching her, and the one closest to her fired her gun. It was not the woman with the garish make-up, but a someone with a style that could make her out as an owl, or something. Somehow she was the first one to approach the intruder. Two men who followed close behind seemed to be her backup. The woman with the make-up was not to be seen.

The mother gave her son her tablet, and asked him to run away and go with it to his uncle, who lived fairly close to this place. Her son obeyed, and the mother watched him leave on fairly quick feet. She turned around and saw, fairly near her now, a man closing in. She aimed her gone and shot him. This time the woman whose appearance was like an owl seemed to hear it. She was only eight yard or so away, and soon after fired her gun towards the mother, who was injured in the right shoulder. She, however, did not quite give up, but put her gun in the left hand, and shot back. But she missed, and tried again. This time she hit her, partly because she was now as close as five yards from her.

But the owl-like woman seemed still intent on hurting her. She fired her gun again. This time she hit her leg. And the other man was approaching as well. He fired, and his bullet hit the intruder in the head.

Meanwhile, the now dead woman's son was approaching his uncle's home. After a while he knocked on his door. But no one opened for about three minutes.

The boy began to sob. But a while after that, his uncle came to him through his yard, and smiled. “Oh!” he burst out with relief. “It's only you!” He looked happy, and soon after he opened his from door from outside.

Letting his nephew in, he asked him what he was about. The boy looked at him and said:”This!” and handed him his mothers writing pad. After the uncle had closed his door behind them, the boy explained: “It's my mother's notes from my father's ghost's words.”

The uncle looked through them. “Oh! They have pretended he should be held responsible for that mistakes can be made about which kinds of hardships might come about!”

“Yeah! He did say that!”

The uncle returned to the notes, and soon exclaimed: “Oh my! They also charge him for being into seeming to be clever at atoning against the mistakes that he allegedly is responsible for!”

“That's right! ... But, do you know what?! I think that mama gone to right now! I think she died while trying to escape through the small hole beneath their fence that I crawled through!”

“They have a hole beneath their fence you say?! And that it's large enough for a boy like you to just crawl through?!”

The boy sighed. “No, not that way! I mean I dug that hole for myself and escaped. She who is much larger, could not escape through it! She and I continued digging for a while, but then the people and their dogs found us, so she asked me to run away, and also to hand you her notes! ... But, uncle! I think she's died! ... Now I have no parent left in life, and the even though their ghosts perhaps can speak I will not be able to, I think, go to where they are, in their garden, her, and him even inside their house!”

His uncle looked thoughtful. “I'm sorry about all this, and perhaps I can arrange for you to be taken care of by some good enough substitute parents. As for myself I don't think I can take teh risk of keeping you here, as they might find out!” Then he went back to the notes.

After three or for more minutes, he seemed to have finished with them. But he sat still and looked very thoughtful and serious, for about two more minutes. Upon that, he said: “Okay, boy! I think I can arrange for you to stay with my cousin and her husband. They are interested in those who know something about how to interpret ghosts! And, after all, you did follow along there for the sake of helping your mother out with it, is that not so?!”

The boy looked a bit happy. “Yeah. She really felt I had to be there too!”

“Good, boy! Then I'll send you there! We'll just have to see to it that those people don't know where you're going! As for me, I'll stay here! Because, this is my home, and I know well enough how to defend myself in it!”

After a few days, the boy was transported to his uncle's (and mother's) cousin. After some more weeks, there was a message from the uncle saying that he had surveyed their enemies. Now they needed, though, to also bridge some gaps between themselves and potential allies against them. And a few years upon this, that was done. Four months later, the people seemed to have been defeated. After one more month, teh boy was able to go safely into the yard and house where he could speak to his parents again.

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