Saturday, April 22, 2017

Hankering After Virtue of Attention vs. Hankering After Virtue of Truth

“Are you sure you really want that?!” he interrogated.

“Yes, I'm quite certain! Because they all insinuate for me that I am trying to get their sex appeal for it!”

“I assure you that they all might be after simply finding it in you that you admit to what your real preferences are!”

“No, I can't believe that would be what they aught to expect from me!”

“Then what do you think you are?! I, for one, could love them for actually giving me that kind of attention! Now isn't that what they actually should just seem to pretend they want all that much just because a guy like you seems to be into pretending to be a masculine kind of fellow!”

The other guy seemed to feel intimidated. A few seconds he just sat there and seemed to reflect over how he should judge the situation and the man he was talking to. Then he looked away, and rose from his chair and said: “There's something that you don't get about those girls in that they are as clever as you are at insinuating that they are able to stand for not being too much into sex to be real people!”

The other guy looked up. Looking a bit startled he stared at the guy who had just risen. There was a trace hatred in his eyes when he responded: “So! You think you can actually find yourself to be better than me - and even than some of those girls you've been talking about that you would like to - see to it that you can actually be with them more than just this causally?!”

“Conrad! I assure you they aren't what you make them out to be! But then again, neither are you! As a matter of fact neither they nor you have any confidence in caring to be smart at knowing what they or you are actually about!”

Conrad gave a slight smug giggle, which he quenched with slight bitterness. “Who do you think you are?! ... As I said!”

“I don't know who I am! But I do know that I'm not what you seem to be!”

The other guy rose threateningly. He seemed to be into a notion of having to fight over this. “Really?! Then how come you're so low as to feel that they are lower than one would expect when one is just a horny guy looking for some kind of appreciation!?”

The fellow he talked to peered at him in a solid enough manner not to seem quite frightened. He sighed. “Well, you're the one low enough to try to be into a fight right now!”

The other guy seemed a little bit nonplussed, hesitated for a moment and then sat down again. “Alright, I won't try to fight you over it - at least not right now.”

Thoughtfully the other fellow said: “I know know there's a possibility they all are hornier than they admit, because I notice, every now and again, that they flirt with me just to make me horny, and that is without me trying to get them to do it for me! ... That is they sometimes do it too eagerly for me to feel they don't feel desperate after a man's appreciation!”

“Yeah! Me too! So what's the big deal about that?! So what if they're horny enough to really want your, or any other guy's, appreciation?! What if they're just horny just in order to present themselves as real reliable creatures of the kind we know of as the sexy ones, and then try to charm you into admitting that they are as beautiful as the aspire to be?”

“[Sigh] I don't see it in them to actually try to be horny just for the sake of seeing much else in us but the types of simply horny men that they could use as instruments for their own lusts. It's not that they don't feel a lot better about themselves when they get into a relationship that is sexual that you think, is it?! I mean what then are you about with Tina and Maria when they obviously seem to be horny enough for screwing you for the sake only of sexual pleasure!? Cause, I mean: You even bragged about that!”

“So what?! They're just horny so that we can feel all the pleasure we want! And if they're not horny for you as well, then that'd be your problem for it! It's you, not they, who are actually too pathetic to have those kinds of sexual behaviors about you! It's you, not they, who are actually about making sexual behaviors not seem good enough for an occasion of man-to-woman relationships!”

“Then how come you and the others continue fighting about who wants who, and not like I try to settle for that it's just immature to keep on fighting about it?!” With that he ended the discussion and left the other guy.

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