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The People of Banehowr

Troubled by Irresponsible Neighbors

In Recfride county, Sebastian and Phil were into learning about the new attitudes among people from one of the the neighbouring areas. It was Banehowr county that had a nuisance about them, the way they both felt about it. “It's perhaps because of the influences from the east!” Sebastian told Phil. “Evil lurks in that kinds of stuff! For evil is per se the lurking ability of that county, perhaps!” he said.

While he was talking an Ivtecovar, named Lina, had seated herself beside the two of them. She seemed to be into seeing what they were about, but not in a bad way for the two of them, and also they both felt she had the right to know what they were about, in the first place.

“Hmh,” Phil answered. “Yes, and now they seem to be even worse in their sinning and extravagances!”

“How about you and I go to their own Gawoler, and ask her, or perhaps her Tecksatobe about the bad and evil lusts that many others of their kind seems to be having!”

“Evil lurks in every station on the way there!” Phil retorted. “I propose they should not at all be seen as the kinds of tokens of change that we can handle as though they were not very dangerous!”

Lina, who had been listening to their conversation broke in: “How in the world could she fake for them that she was merrily into Ptolimovetz' and God, just like us, when there weren't any tokens for us to be into praying to those two for the sake of absolute justice against their Rägilåsweaie belief or something!?”

“That's exactly what we've been talking about! He and I have recently run into not only a few, but very many signs about the Banehowr people! I hate to say it, Lina, it's almost to be said that it's unlikely, though, to be much else but girls there who are all - no I mean fairly many of them - very much into - perhaps even worshipping Rägilåswe! They, that is many of them, look as though they were into sex, but they also seem to be into feeling that it's sexy to be into being the kind of prejudice that we should not be into acquaintance with! Do you understand what this means for us?!”

Lina sighed at this. “Yeah, I can tell!” she answered. “But I can also suspect that it's you who tend to fall for the extravagances they have, were it not for that so-called prejudice, which I can now tend to call them playing a waiting game! Or should there be any other tokens of survival against Rägilåswe or themselves for you to have in their potentially very notorious attitudes and behaviour?”

It was silent for a while, after which Sebastian said solemnly: “We, he and I, have tended not to be more than into wait and see ourselves, and thereby can't see it in them to be anything but trying to seduce either one of us - or perhaps some of the more weak fellows there! But both of us feel they're into extravagances that never seem appropriate as far as we ever have been into - that goes for the two of us - at the very least!”

“Then i shall go over there and see what they actually are about!” Lina answered.

“Yeah, OK!” Sebastian said, and Phil nodded.

Banehowr County

Lina looked at the two women in front of her. She felt that she needed to converse with them, but their evil attitudes seemed to stop her from being understood if they didn't chose to be part of belief in something like Recfride-county policy, and from there they could make it seem like they were the oppressed ones if she and her two (female) partners for the trip weren't very careful - at least, she figured. Her friend Sanna opened her mouth and asked Lina and Sandra, the third who had come there to study the evil people of this neighbouring county: “Is it not true that she wants us to view her as superior, just because she's sinful?!”

Sandra sighed and answered: “Yes, that's very true indeed!” She looked at the two locals in front of them. “I have an idea about how we should treat them as very different from our own people! We can figure on them as so free from morals that they should never be thought of, even, as superior compared to anyone but the very extremely low. ...”

Now Sanna sighed. “I propose that they be seen as our extreme inferiours, but that this also must be viewed as them being into viewing themselves as superiors instead! It is not we who should ever have to be benevolent to them, I think, because here we are with those types of women who can actually destroy our confidences, were it not for the Abohevrärel book!”

Lina looked at her two travelling partners and said: “Thereby, I proclaim we view them as too big about Rägilåswe to be viewed as ordinary human beings! We should definitely try to define them as such and try to define them also as the evils that learn to pretend to be anything but evil, and thereby define them in the end as the animals who cannot be good, but who try to be very very smart at being like the others who are even a little bit godly.” While saying the last part of this, she indicated a few other Banehowr-county people close by. Those were not quite feminine on the whole; rather they were masculine, mostly, and, instead of extravagant, seemingly total about viewing themselves as cunning to the extent that no one should ever try to interfere with their business.

“I propose,” Sanna said, pointing to Sandra, “that she and I go to their Owfahwlia and check if, to the extent their even there, they have even anything of actual belief in God or even Ptolimovetz!”

“Then I,” Lina said, “will go and check the two earlier women about how they try to sort out themselves as evil while at the same time seemingly triumphing with God! Perhaps I can find out about them to which extent they view themselves as superior to us once they happen to manage to even to some extent have Ptolimovetz and God with them!”

“Yes!” Sandra burst out. “Thereby we might all find out what they have been into!”

“OK. Let's try that!” Sanna said.


Entering the Recfride-county Owfahwlia, Sandra and Sanna saw the Wecashorawsel coming towards them. They noted that he was a impressive and stately person. But neither of them was going to trust neither him nor the others there, although they both were intent on being polite, and somewhat respectful.

The Wecashorawsel held out is hand towards them. “Hi, my name is Cannovar,” he said. The two women looked at each other. Hesitantly Sanna took his hand and shook it, upon which he turned towards Sandra, who also hesitantly took his hand and shook it. Cannovar looked a little indignant, but stayed polite, and pointed to a desk where the two strangers could be seated.

But before they sat down, Sandra said to him: “How come they - or at least the young ones of them - don't seem to be coming here nowadays, Wecashorawsal?”

“Oh, it's because they don't find it here to be into the business of being afraid of their parents' attitudes so much! It's also because they are beneficial for their parents if they complain about their society as though they believed in me and my assumptions about God and Ptolimovetz!”

Sandra looked a bit astonished. “How come they then seem too content to be taken as responsible over their businesses as extravagantly immoral?!”

Cannovar took a deep breath. “I don't see it in them to be having to go here, if their not inclined to be dissatisfied with their lives!”

Sanna broke in with: “I propose that you find it in you to have them be pathetic about themselves before they seem to be too good for you to bring to the Owfahwlia! After all, I mean, they can't seem to be judgemental from here if they're hardly seen as good enough for being assumed to be real about things that don't belong here! I mean that they cannot be viewed as smart enough for the real world if they are scolded enough here!”

Cannovar looked at them. “I don't propose to them, ever, to come here for that scolding and stuff! I propose instead that they be seen as arrogant and, I guess, as you said, 'extravagantly immoral'. But with that so to speak immorality and so, they can't be here by not ridiculing the thought of us being thoughtful of their attitudes as good enough for society to even respect their families!”

“Why not?!” both women asked, almost simultaneously.

“It's because,” the Wecashorawsel sighed, “they women here can't seem too arrogant for us to be treating them as fine enough for their parents to be having some pride about them! That's why!”

The two women looked at each other and one of them asked: “How come, then, do you find it in them to be anything but fake about their attitudes?” The other one immediately said: “Sandra, they feel they are superb because they're Banehowr, all of them! And so is the man before us! We cannot be asking them how come without that meaning why should they not admit they're lower than us and all other Godly people out there!”

Cannovar looked astonished. “In that case I will tell you a little about ourselves: IN this county we have a little smartness for being moral about seeing it in everyone to be superb in his or her own fashion! We don't get into the business of being arrogant and thereby don't see Ptolimovetz as the one who should view God and Himself as smart enough at arrogance to be actually of Rägilåswe! That is, I suppose the two of you could be into him, the latter, if you can't let go of that arrogance and thereby also propose we be left alone and unassumed about as those people who should never be viewed as moral!”

“Exactly that is what you should never be!” Sanna retorted.

Sandra looked at her and nodded. “But on the other hand,” she added, “there are not any signs here that even fäwovävoaener here ever care about actual decency, except for perhaps remaining themselves a bit too descent for there to be an immediate obviousness about their decadence!”

Cannovar looked at them in amazement. “I shall view this as a proposal that I do something about my fellow county people! But I shall not view this as the triumph they should have about viewing me and them as their inferiors!”

Sanna looked at him with disgust. “You try to speak with Ptolimovetz when you're not even into ordinary moral and decency! You seem to be into that all that you suppose you are is seemingly into His response to all of us, as though it wouldn't matter that you are into frivolous and evil women as those to be thought about as simply good enough for Him and even for the Father of Him and us all!”

“I propose God is not our Father for the sake of simply the arrogant to take advantage of! I propose also that the arrogant be excommunicated by you, all mighty Lord of Heaven! I propose further that you and I shall have a talk about this incidence with two women, probably from our neighbouring county, coming here and insulting my Owfahwlia with their insolence and very arrogant attitudes about you and the one and only supreme being on earth that keeps the belief in you so very steadfast for us to be dealing with. I mean with the supreme Lord Ptolimovetz and his follower of any other kind but the haughty of arrogance, such as these two that I am asked by to view you as the supreme only of their arrogance and not of the mildness we all have in this county!”

The two women looked at each other. Sandra said: “How come he seems to be into talking to God although we both can tell he is filthy enough never to be real about Ptolimovetz nor Him?”

“I can't say it's because he is willing to admit his problems with actually not viewing Rägilåswe as God and then pretending to be worshipping him while actually only into the opposite side of it all!”

Belief in Ptolimovetz

“In Owfahwliu, the Wecashorawsel tried to convince us to believe we are not as superb as Ptolimovetz wants us to be seen!” Sanna said.

“But Ptolimovetz always has it we should view His superbity as absolute and always on the right side!” Lina answered.

“I thereby can't see it to be very sophisticated to be superb about God, even, if they don't give up their vain attitudes about His mercy as though He did not protest against their awful and imbecile indecency and so.” Sanna continued, and Sandra added: “Yeah! He even said that it's we, being 'arrogant', as he put it, who should be viewed as inferior to him!”

“I see,” Lina said thoughtfully. “I suppose they aren't very much of the superb beings they suppose we think we are! That is they must be seen as very arrogant themselves in having themselves seem to be superb compared to being absolute about decency and other virtues. As it seems, they're into enjoying themselves without being into real belief in Ptolimovetz, nor belief in God at all, for all I can say!”

“I suppose, then, that we study their belief in our God, and see how they themselves view us when not into pretending to be honest!”

“Sanna, how can we be certain when they are not pretend honest, without being into their views on themselves as the correct views, and as though they weren't into blasphemy and so!?” Sandra asked.

“I think we could be taking our chances on that, without that meaning that we are risk takers to the extent that actual Ptolimovetzu is at stake!”

“Oh! But my Ptolimovetzu is not faking that I suppose we are not into God when we stay by their supposedly acceptable attitudes as though quite alright with both Ptolimovetz and me!”

“Sandra, we've not yet proposed for them to be viewed as such! I have it in me to believe we don't ever have to say anything like that! That is, we can escape their Rägilåswu, with help from our beliefs in Ptolimovetz and also our beliefs in God Himself, well enough to be always free from possible traps of Rägilåswe! Thereby I propose we associate with those women and try to be their companions, but keep it at a surface level, so that we don't need to be associated with their idol or idols of sacrament. ...”

“I suppose Lina, you feel very satisfied with almost proposing that they take command over our souls, though almost too little for there to be a risk that Rägilåswe takes over them!”

Lina looked frightened. “OK, ... But are they not who we should be talking to so that it becomes noticeable what they would be doing if we weren't actual about Ptolimovetz and strong enough in Him not to be ruled by even such attitudes that close to us?!”

Sandra sighed and answered: “Yeah, I suppose they're the ones we really need to risk our souls for learning about! But you know, she and I have discussed pretending as if they were alright, and then keep it at that! Then, if we can stop there, they will never get the chance to influence us with their Rägilåswu!”

Sanna sighed and added: “Yes, we did take it that way yesterday. And she and I also tried to discuss how to work on them anyway, as those who must admit their Rägilåswu for us, and if not, then we shall take them as not worthy of Ptolimovetz mercy ever. By doing so, I for one felt content that she and I were into something reliable as smartness agianst their fanaticism against Him, Ptolimovetz. ...”

Other Icons

Instead of studying the local women closely, the three foreigners to the county proposed for them that they look at Ptolimovetz and His Godly Mercy for them all. It was not apparent that they would be frightened by His authority even now, so they proposed instead they look at the Abohevrärel and say it be for the sake of Rägilåswe that they have denounced Ptolimovetz.

In answer to this, some of those local women tried to discuss the Abohevrärel as a token of attitudes that are foreign to those who discuss actual circumstance and not really just hypothetical moral and belief in justice as an instrument of being smartly conscious of one's own faith. They also discussed the Abohevrärel as an excuse for trying to convince everyone about their book and about the rest of their belief system. Thereby the locals seemed to disinterest themselves from the Abohevrärel and what could be read in it.

The visitors then stood for that they all, or at least most of them, were extremely immoral, and thereby proposed that the Abohevrärel be read for them out loud. Thus the three of them chose a few quotes from the Abohevrärel and went to a market for vegetables and so, and started reading them out loud.

A few people stood themselves beside them and listened. Some of them left fairly soon, but two persons stayed long enough for the visitors to find them even a little bit more Ptolimovetzuihay than that they should be expected to surely go to hell. So, thereby Sanna turned to one of them, an elderly man and said: “You don't seem to be totally condemned! Thereby I shall bless you with my acquaintance, if you will let me read my Abohevrärel for you in the environment of the people that you do feel are the right ones to be acquainted to!”

The man cleared his throat. “I suppose they will not be interested, as two of them already did stand here for just a few minutes and then left. I suppose on the other hand that they will perhaps be listening to you when I say that I have been saved by the quotes you speak!”

While they were talking, Lina began talking to the other one: “You also seem to be fairly, at least, interested in God and what he has to say!”

This person, who was a fairly old woman said: “I say there's belief in almost anything that could be said to be of value for the people that get to know about it! How about they and you both try to believe in the truth about God being there in everything, and not only in the Abohevrärel!?”

Chocked, Lina stood herself beside the woman, and said: “I cannot believe they are anything but too profane for you to be really blessed well enough by for the resurrection of Ptolimovetz and His progenitor, our holy Father in heaven! Thereby, I propose to you that you find your idols and other tokens of belief in the sacraments that Ptolimovetz stand for! I also propose that you don't really ever try to say to yourself that they should ever be considered at all safe from Rägilåswe or his demons!

“There's not any tokens of absolute belief that I can't stand for as too weak against for example that Rägilåswe, and thereby I shall propose that you too believe in the Abohevrärel as just one of many tokens of faith that we must have in order to believe in both Ptolimovetz and the others that we must have for our basic survival against the evils that lurk in our environment, and also yours I suppose!”

The man whom Sanna had been talking to turned to them and said: “I too believe in the many Gods and many sacraments! Even so I can find myself better of saying that they should not be addressed as pretenders when they don't speak to me, nor my closets friends, as very inferior. The tokens of belief that they have seem intent on having it they are the absolutely superb beings there are, and thereby on crushing other tokens of belief to the extent they seem to be into competing with them! Thereby, I and my family have always had it there's not any virtue in telling them that we don't quite believe their worship to be really so good that we give up our own for it!

“Thereby, I say,” he continued, “that the three of you should go back home and try to find your worlds lower tokens, and then I shall return to my place and try to convince my family that you are not as ignorant as they think you are!”

“Oh,” Sanna retorted, “then I shall be forever condemning you and the others of this county. Because you have just told me to be blasphemous and by that also to condemn myself to the purgatory or even hell!”

Upon this, the three visitors returned home and reported that the people of Banehowr county all were totally fallen from actual Ptolimovetzu.

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