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The Look-Alikes

Chapter One

“It's hardly working to look at them as my enemies!” she proclaimed.

“Why not!?” her mother pursued.

“Because, if they don't argue with me, then I can't have them seem below taking me for granted as their friend!”

“I see!” Her mother now looked a bit amused.

“This is not funny mother! Moreover, ma, they're not even only my enemies! They might have not only me, but our whole our farming industry seem corrupt, even, I think, by seeming to be into me and what I'm about in our business! It is they who try to steal from my assets - that is at least my assets in the abstract sense, mama!”

“How can you say that? They're trying to steal your name that's what it's about! Your real assets are still stuff that they can't be touching, at least if they're of the immaterial sort!”

“I can't believe they seem to be too similar to me, to let me get away from them at both! I can't see how people can react to me as though I was that mediocre at representing our business and stuff, if it's not one, at least, of them has been faking something about what they should expect!”

“I can see that you're into that he - or even if that is she - is sort of into trying to pretend that she, your female look-alike, is the one that seems peculiarly into business of our kind! But I can't see how in the world they could in that case be pretending that you're lousier than she at showing what we're all about!”

“That's why I feel so upset about them! It's horrible that they can somehow point to me as though I weren't a girl who could be representative of our vegetables!”

“Thereby I shall now view you as the mediocre member of our family, who doesn't pertain to seeming good enough to be a representative! You know, it's not I who ever had such look-alike problems!”

A little bit chocked Stephanie said: “I will then have it they're not too dumb after all, mama! Cause I was a promising girl for our business!”

“I can't help you with any of this, Steph! I couldn't help you even if they were people that I knew more about than that one of them were in your elementary school and the other one on an opposing high school's badminton team.”

“How, then can you be pretending that I'm not into any trouble because of them!? I mean there's much to be lost and I've already begun loosing because of the two of them!”

“I can't see that you're trying to ignore them the natural way! If you did, then they would certainly quit soon enough!”

“Bull shit!”

“I don't want to hear you talk that way again! No go up to your room and study! When you come back, I hope you have thought things over and never again mention those two look-alikes!”

Chapter Two

In school the next day, Stephanie saw her male look-alike seeming to be her, or, that is, the way she could be expected to look nowadays if she hadn't stopped wearing pants. “I feel that they seem to be torturing me because of my asshole look-alikes, and they know it!” she thought about her fellow pupils.

Entering her math class room, she felt a scorn coming her way from a few of the other students there. There could be a clue, perhaps, she figured, about who to be taking to, were it not for these awful scorns that seemed to stick to her by telepathy! “I feel,” she thought, “that I don't have any friends anymore, after they began cooperating, those two!”

Sitting down, she tried to recall what her father once said about them. It was something like “There's no clue, then, to whatever they're about as long as they express themselves as being the same as the look-alike they found in you!” In thinking about this, she found an essence of what they were doing, which was not too smart to say they were into some obscure point that was of gain for the others or so - “and try, thereby to have it the point is not made unless they ridicule me, who somehow should be seen as the misfit who rendered those points to ... something ... something they all hate me for doing, I guess!” she thought for herself.

While she was pondering upon this, the teacher had entered the class room. She didn't seem to be in any good mood. After a while she knocked a few times on the table in front of her and said rather loudly: “I will see to it that all of you study better! It's not to be said that any of you will seem to be smart enough for a good college unless you really start listening to me and studying more at home!”

There was a murmur among the students for a few seconds, after which the teacher said: “I will test you every Friday from now on! And to the extent you can't tend to follow class well enough to pass each test, the grade you have will be lowered!”

A boy raised his hand and she told him to speak his mind. He proclaimed: “I can't be here every Friday! I have art class then!”

“I will then see to it that another time be arranged for you!

“I will also see to it that the others don't speak to you during the time between then and their testing time!”

“Okay!” the boy answered.

Stephanie tried to figure out how difficult the tests were going to be, but couldn't tell. And when the teacher began her lesson she worked on trying to figure it out for each and every statement she made. She also tried very hard to learn what she said.

Chapter Three

“I can't figure out why they're cunning about me!” Stephanie said to a fellow pupil, who she thought was perhaps still her friend.

But she looked at her as though the seeming friend she had been suddenly disappeared. “It's not true that they are at all cunning about it! Instead, they're trying to find out if they are able to see the way they seem to you to be alike but somehow different!” she answered.

“I can't see how come, then, they think that I should be portrayed as though I wasn't into my parents' vegetable business!”

Her would-be friend seemed dismayed. “I don't have any clue about why you imagine that about them!”

“I can say that they already have had my parents feel that I cannot run the business after they die!”

“I imagine you actually blame him and that girl from that other school for it?!”

“I don't go for the fakes that they are into! They are pretending that I want to pretend to be a business woman already! It is totally fake of the two of them!”

“I can't believe they're trying to pretend that!” her would-be friend said and left her.

Chapter Four

On Friday Stephanie sat in the math class room and took the test. She felt reassured that she could manage these tests, if only they stayed this simple. Even so she very thoroughly saw to it that every question was answered the way it probably should be according to her teacher. After class she went to straight the room were they had English lessons, and waited there. She sat in the back of this classroom, while the math teacher had had her up front. But she wasn't trying to be into saying to herself that there was going to be any rumours about her as long as she didn't change her seat in either place - just like in most of her classes.

The English lesson went well enough for her not to feel that someone could start ridiculing her for not following well enough. Thereby she only had one more challenge of that kind before weekend, and if that went well too, she would go home and study and see to it that no one could find faults with her about studies, at least.

While going to the class room for social studies, she tried to figure out what the other pupils might think she was trying to be. It was not trying to be smart at anything they had yet seemed to be thinking. It was somehow still that she somehow seemed to them to be stuck up in the ridiculous way that seemed to tell everyone that she was to be despised as if cunning in a fairly absurd way.

Seated in the classroom, she overheard some fellow students speak about her: “I wonder when she'll find out that he's just trying to be smart enough to be of the same attitude as the business woman he imagines her to be!” Another one answered: “And I too wonder about her. I wonder why she sets the stage as if there was no losers out there, trying simply to be somewhat better than they are in reality!” A third one said: “I can see it in her to be the attempt they both, actually, can have for seeming actual about caring for business, and thereby she wouldn't be too stuck up if she just accepted them!”

She solemnly took this as the sign that it was, probably, that they were trying to figure out a way to treat her as though they were so humble by her comparison. “I can't figure them to be my friends anymore,” she repeated for herself. It was not solemn to be into hypocrisy about this, she figured, but then again “What the fuck, they're not going to be smart enough to be able to figure out what I'm into if I just keep on going without a sign about what I want apart form what I obviously aught to do!”

Thereby she felt reassured that she could keep on trying to be okay, at least, in school, without that being too much of a lead for them and her two look-alikes.

Chapter Five

“I can't see why they are weird enough to stop having it they want to be like me now. Is it, perhaps, because I didn't fail to seem normal and smart during a few weeks?”

Her father looked at her. “There's no way to see it in them to be tying to be pretending to be you again then, is there?!”

She sighed quite deeply. “I think they're simply trying to hide that they're into it still! I think they still are pretending to be like me! And come to think of it, I guess they're just working on trying to be good in class, which perhaps both of them were very lousy at - or at least he was, dad.”

“I propose, then, Steph, that you and he have a talk about this look-alike nonsense! Because if he's still into it, as you say, then it's about time he realized that he has to live a life of his own! From now on, even, I hope!”

“I will not try to talk to him unless he promises to be smart at presenting his reasons for pretending to be me in the first place!”

“Okay, I'll tell his parents that, I guess!”

A few weeks later the two of them did talk. He then said that attempts to be like her had been about trying to be into business like everybody else in this area, and that his parents had been outcasts because they weren't. It was not easy to get him to say much about why he thought pretending to be her would lead him to be smart at actually being like her, nor why that so certainly would help him exactly about being into business thinking.

She thereby asked: “I wonder how come they seem to be into that you take it that you're learning something from me?!”

“I feel I don't find that to be impossible! I have learned somehow to be in garden and think about business as what should spring from the plants and vegetables there!”

“Why don't you try to do that without pretending that I am the one you are when you do it?!”

“Because it's not worth it to say they accept me as such as easily as you! That's why!”

“Then why - ... Or actually, who do you mean by 'they'?!”

“I mean whoever might be seeming to care about whether or not I do such business!”

“Okay, then why do they seem to be into trying to care about who is doing that?!”

“Because they seem into that one should have the reputation of already being one who does it!”

“I can't see that they should all be trying to pretend that I had any reputation of already being into my parents' business!”

“I can't say anything but that I have had benefits from trying to be you when I do it!”

“Then how come they seem to be into themselves as smart enough to do business even without pretending to be someone else!?”

“I can't say they don't have their families in that!”

“I can't really believe that!”

“Why not?!”

“Because they don't seem intuitive about when business is to be reckoned with, and even less do you!”

“I do not see the reason for you to say that!”

“I can't see in you, nor should you see in me, anything of being into business as of yet!”

“I don't agree!”

“Then stop pretending I am at all into as much of thinking that I'm into business as you are yourself!”

“I can't stop telling myself that there isn't any reason to be into business the way those who have a heritage for it are!”

“Then why do they seem to pretend that I am lousier at it since you started doing it?!”

“Because there's not any attempt in you to try to be the one to be sure about what business really is about for the sake of being the one I imitate!”

“I wonder how come they in that case find themselves to be of potential for judging over this stuff!?”

“I can't feel they're into being judgemental! It's about that they're trying to be into business too, but not attempting to say to themselves that they are supreme at it!”

“ I thereby feel you should imitate one of them instead of me!”

“No, I can't!”

“Why is that?!”

“Because I feel there's no look-alike in anyone of them!”

“How about that girl who also is our look-alike?! You know the one who seemed to aspiring for some other school's badminton team, though failing to be much more than a spectator.”

“I guess she is as little of a business person as me!” he proclaimed.

“I propose they then try to be as smart as we, my family, at seeing it in her, and you, to be something of a person suitable for the challenges of business! Because I and my family have since the two of you started doing it, quarreled about how to look at me as suitable. They are at least as smart as my parents and me at it, I say!”

“I feel that they and you don't feel that you nor they are ever to be viewed as possible failures! I thereby feel that both she and I have the point to make that is there in that you don't realize the mistake of not seeing it as a possibility that you could go wrong!”

“I will not see it in you to be able to try to be me again!” With that she sued him.

It did not turn out well for him. But the girl who pretended to be her thereby pretended she had done so because the stuck-up family she had was not into any humility at all. She thereby sued her as well - and manage to get at her to with it.
However, there was sort of a reprisal against her even so, she thought, in that the scorn for having been 'imitated' by him made her seem silly in a way that people her really stood for was a sign that she could not be an ordinary person. This was more true about the male, first and from-the same district 'imitator' of her. But almost the same held true for the girl 'imitator'. However, she had apparently studied the two of them. Because she managed to portray herself thoroughly as an unsuitable victim of similar stuff. Sort of very startlingly she somehow did so in a way that ridiculed both her two look-alikes, and also portrayed them as just about the same. This scared Stephanie, but didn't quite get her to give up her authority over her future. ...

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