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The Markets of Trying to Be Enthusiastic over One's Assets

Chapter one

”It's all about shame, and I feel we should into business about trying to manipulate those who are into it before too many others do!”

Clara looked at her husband, who sat there thoughtfully and seemed totally sure about what he just said. After few seconds she asked him:” How, Harold?”

“I assume there are not too many competitors out there, yet, but the shame business is going to thrive as far as I can tell! I presume we better start writing some manuscripts on the issue - and that in a way that really doesn't seem to ridicule the notion of that people all over are ashamed of things that are often ridiculed if thought of as normal; but also are ridiculed when not thought of at all! So I feel it's on those types of notions your fantasies and my should be focused!”

“I feel that there is something to that notion of what kinds of art could sell!”

“I don't feel we aught to wait even one more minute! You start drawing and I start writing!”

“Harold, I think we must slow down to check if there's anything to say we even are good enough at doing these things, and by the way, I think for example Salvador Dali was way before me about such drawings. I wouldn't be the first one to do it - and it seems weird to say that no litterateur could have been written on that issue! ... No, Harry, you and I aught to slow down and find what there actually is to the shame business, and not be pretentiously into believing we're the first!”

“It's not I, Clara, who should be into this as though there were so many before me! I assume that you think I need a degree in litterateur for actually writing stuff!? And you too, perhaps you want to go to art school first - then how in the world should we make the money we need for entering those damned schools!?”

Clara sighed. She felt her half-brother was onto something genuine about some kind of aspect of the market that they could perhaps really be able to make some money from. “But,” she said at last, “isn't it like we should look at the media and see what there is already?! And why not try that music stuff, which you bragged to me about two ago, remember, at your thirteenth birthday!”

“Ah - that! I guess there could be something to music if there was even the remote chance of being paid for the stuff we have of it! It's not good enough except possibly for being a street musician or something, I think. Besides, why don't you try to get into music, and become like those sexy female stars already out there huh?!”

Clara looked annoyed, seemingly troubled over her brother's insolence. “How can you feel that your ten-year-old sister should even think about it!? You know our parents have even scolded you for even looking at such pix and so!”

“I don't feel that you didn't annoy me by trying to kiss my friend that day in august, remember!”

“I didn't quite try to actually kiss his mouth! So you shouldn't be trying to pretend I'm that dirty a girl, bro!”

“I can tell that you hoped he would be dirty with you, just the same! So I assume that there could be adequacy for you in such business,” he said with some authority.

“Then I find it in me to protest!”

“Yeah, and thereby we will both find it in ourselves to starve to death or die from boredom in the industry before being able to go to some good schools or something!”

“Oh, that farming industry isn't all that pathetic! Perhaps I can take it you don't ever want to be dealing with those vegetables! But you and I are not the same! I an take part of it as much as mom!”

“Oh, I can take part in that stuff, except for that I don't want to be like daddy who actually is the more boring of our parents, and not even like mom, who is almost as boring!”


“I mean sort of that is boring sissy! I mean they shouldn't believe they're not too backwards to be good enough parents for us to be sent to some actual schools, so that they become happy and we become rich!”

“I don't believe they're gonna be satisfied with the poor little money they can see us sell for!”

“I don't see that we shouldn't be trying! No matter if we try and fail or not, we still have the opportunity to go back to the industry of our parents' employers!”

“Yeah, OK, let's try!” Clara said at last.

Chapter two

“It's all adequate for me to say that you're almost totally ridiculous!” Harry heard his father scold him.

“Absolutely!” he heard his mother agree in the background, while his father continued: “You're conceited if you think I'm much duller than you two are just because he has told you there's something of a talent for writing and drawing in you and your sister!”

“Then how come the two of you don't do anything else but work on the field? Dad, I think I really could get into some money business if I do that stuff!”

“That man is a hypocrite! Hear that son!? And I don't care if he's a real school teacher himself, even you and I can write a little, although I only learnt id from my father! And then you come here and try to tell me that the school is the way from here to the upper class society!”

“Dad, I just wanted to make some money! I will try to do what that teacher said, at least for about two months now! Because after that we can be sure about if there's likelihood for that I or her can become successful!”

“I had it there's not any way I can believe that will ever happen!”

“Why not dad?”

“Because, sonny, you can't forget that you are not smart enough even so, that's why!”

“I can forget it if you just give me the chance, dad!”

“I will not give it to you, but I will try to be into that the man that says he's a teacher should come here and tell me why thinks that you and your sister seem talented enough for going to the city schools or something!”

“Great, dad! Then I'll tell him to come here some day!”

“Yeah,” his father said thoughtfully. “I'm not quite into that he should be here around mean time, though, but if he shows up at around ten AM, then perhaps we can start talking to him as the real teacher he's supposed to be!”

Said and done, two days later, the man who said he was a teacher showed up at their place. “I suppose there isn't any way I can relate to you that I really have gone to school for about five years, and then also to teacher's school for two!”

Both of the parents looked at him. “I,” the father said at last, “can't suppose that there isn't any community that teaches the kids how to be adequate for actually being smart at presenting themselves for those who can sponsor them, is there?”

“I can say there's probably something like that about two hundred miles eastwards from this village!”

“Oh,” the mother broke in, “then perhaps they should both be attending classes there, if they happen to ever be smart enough to really sell some poetry or art?”

“Indeed, yes that could be very OK for the start they might want later on in their possible careers.”

“I wanna go there, dad!” Harold broke in.

“I hear you son! But you can't be doing it if we can't convince this man to say to sponsors to sponsor even going there, can you!?”

Harold looked thoughtful. “I guess perhaps I can't!” he admitted. “But I and Clara can't quite find away to be into trying to sponsor too little of that stuff by our own litterateur and art!”

Their mom now broke in for a second time: “Harold, you and that sister of yours should actually go there and try to sell something very soon, then! Because neither I nor your father are gonna believe they will buy it enough to sponsor that school, if they can't assume there can be anything at all worth buying even now, which the two of you can create! Isn't that right Andy?”

“That is correct! Neither I nor your mom, Harold, Clara, will believe you can that much if there isn't anything to say that you really are talented! ... not that it's just something that it seemed to be for this here teacher, or so!”

The teacher looked at them. “If you want me to prepare them, which they will need, then you wil have to pay me with at least one meal of food, and I prefer it in advance!”

Andy and his wife looked at him then at each other. At last they also looked at their children. “I guess you can!” Andy said after a while.

Chapter three

“How about this, then?” The teacher stood over Clara's newly made drawing. “Yes, I can see how they might actually pay for it, if you only had some colour to the people in it!”

“I can say there's too bad for that sake, cause I don't own any such colour!”

“Then I'll teach you how to make such colour. But only if they give me one more meal to be eating at there place!”

“I hope they will!” she answered.

“OK!” he said, then he turned to Harold and asked. “Are you finished?”

“Yeah, you could say that!”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean I've filled about three pages with one poem on each, but the pages aren't filled completely, so I'm not so sure I'm so be said about that I'm finished!”

The teacher looked at the first page. “Yeah, this is almost good enough for me to say that you could go into business with your sister! But what about the solution to the question your lines did imply well enough for me to be impressed?”

“I have it on the next page! And there's also another riddle on that one, one that will be solved at the final and last of the three pages I've been writing on!”

The teacher turned over the first leave, and read the second one. “Mmm,” he said. Then he also turned over the second leave and read the third one. After that he seated himself beside the boy and said: “Congratulations, you're really good at poetry!”

“Do you think I can sell it?!”

“Only if you do it like I tell you! But then for that, I will earn another meal at your parents place. Remember that will be one meal for teaching you about how to go about seeming to be worth paying for, and one for teaching your little sister how to make skin colour for her drawings.

“I guess we'll just have to both hope hey want to pay for that education then, August!” he said gratefully.

Chapter four

Two weeks later, the teacher had received about eight meals, and could take the two children with him to the market place, a few miles away. Andy followed along, while his wife stayed at home and took care of the house. The seated themselves and the teacher began rabbling for the people about the children, one at a time. About Harold, he said that he was “able to both riddle you, and then also answer that riddle for you; but then that will also be done in a poem! But that is only to the extent you can be paying something for this!” About his sister he said that she was “able to paint the people she saw and that they would be perhaps enjoy having their picture painted for just a little penny or two!”

After the day there was through, Harold and Clara had made enough money for their father to be hopeful about getting them to that school, “or was that really necessary?!” he asked himself, and then out loud: “August, this is so great that I feel we can be satisfied with your way of presenting the children. Perhaps we shouldn't have to pay for learning that stuff in that special school for it, really?”

August looked at him. “I don't know any better than that they can be better of with me than even with them,” he said after a while.

Andy looked thoughtful. “Exactly!” he answered. “But then you should also try to explain to me, and then perhaps also to my wife, how long they have to be educated for actually being able to support our family?”

“I cannot say how long, Andy1 But I can say this much: They are not children to be ignored about their talents, and they have a better recognition from people that I can introduce them to than from anyone else I can think of!”

“I can assume that I and Wilma don't seem to adequate for them, then, right?”

“Oh, I can't say that! It's only that you don't let them be what they want to be, nor what God wants them to be! Oh! It's not to be said that you aren't caring about them and of God. But it's to be said that you are kind of trying too much to adapt them to ordinary peoples' lives. The two of them both have talent, and so I should also be showing them around here and there!”

Andy gave a deep sigh. “I suppose you're right! But where can I find the way to support our own ways of surviving if they both go into your hands?”

“I think we can support even both them, me and the two of you with what they can achieve!” Andy answered.

“I want them to stay with us for the time it takes for them to grow up! After that I don't want them to be poorer than I am, and thereby we cannot take any chances with them!”

“Oh, I see! But then how are we going to support that family that they want to create once they grow up?”

“I can hope that both they and I can be into having them be with you every now and then. But then I also want them to come home to me and Wilma!”

“I see! Then perhaps we could do that!”

“How can we support them to the extent that they can be into learning things that they need for further achievements, if there isn't any way to get money to seem proper for everyone in the family from it?”

“I think we aught to just propose we and they come to the conclusion that they can actually almost support themselves from now on! I can thereby have it that both they and you two feel that they are in the right to receive my education, which will be worth paying the foods I have for them!”

“I can propose it's both me and you who will believe that it's me and Wilma who will be ready to have them be taught by you every Thursday from now on! But how will you support yourself when they are not to be paid for?”

“I propose they and I can sell them every Thursday night at the market place and then I can perhaps be the one to take half the profit from them there?”

“Yes. Yeah, I suppose that'll be fine!” Andy said and thereby sealed the deal.

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