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How One Should Behave for Having Certainty about One's Behaviour

Chapter one

“Attraction is about feeling good about one another! Why should we try to analyse the thought of being smart at nothing but pathetic adventures of rumours and so?” The woman who spoke seemed indignant over the man's comment.

“But it's true,” he boasted. “I can tell you're exactly like that second cousin of mine!”

The woman looked at him with a slight air of astonishment. “No, I can't find your second cousin to be even a bit like me nor the ones that I would prefer as company - even though they seem a bit too awkward, sometimes, to be actual sex objects - in that sense!”

“I can't find it in her, you know, that second cousin of mine, to be accepting that part of an attitude as actually feminine!”

“So what!?”

“I mean they - I mean you - don't all have to admit it, you know, that you're all into looking at that potential left between your legs as being so smart to keep hiding from those who feel awkward about it that they all seem fairly, or even very, content about feeling safe about the vagina as the absolute establishment of how one - meaning women - should behave as though they were good even though they were sadistically horny! Even the most horny men that I know cannot reason about themselves that way!”

Again the woman beside him looked indignant. “How can 'they', as you put it, be into pretending that it's the vagina that it's all about, when they seem to be into faking that they are attracted to anyone but those who are actually smart at seeing the vagina as the token of being into accuracy about our feeling of responsibility over attraction and softness towards the other gender!?”

“I can't find that to be what she was actually into not admitting! She has told me she thought of them as being the real friends if and when she felt like being that thorough about men! ... She said it to me when she was into speaking of men as somewhat attractive after all, because, like you, she's into being lesbian, usually!”

“I don't believe the women that you talk about, like she and her sister, are anything but totally pathetic - at least if it's the truth you have been telling me!”

“I don't find in me to be totally into believing them to be reasonable at all, but they seem quite a lot more representative of being female, and perhaps even of being lesbian, than you, I think!”

“I don't feel they're anything but pathetic! And I don't feel they're into anything that is anything but being immoral! Moreover they should not be seen as the representative of neither my gender nor of being homosexual!”

“I see it in her, and thereby you, to be pathetic about clearly seeming to be into the vagina as though it were a token of seeing it in the others to be absolute about aesthetics or something!”

“I don't see it in her to be even a bit like me nor my girls to be trusting about how to view ourselves as good enough to trust for company!”

Chapter two

The woman Steve had been talking to seemed to be interested in anyone but his sister, since the day he had that talk to her. Much relieved, he thereby took advantage of the situation and told the sis to be careful about them from now on.

“Oh, they aren't what I'd be interested in just the same!” she said. “But thanks for telling her! It's she who had it I was supposedly into that same kind of stuff as Ann-Sophie and her sister! And, yeah, it would be horrible to see it in me and them to be together about that kind of stuff!”

Satisfied, Steve thought out a plan about how to keep them from actually feeling they could be worth it for her. “It seems that they must, as of yet, be seeing the notion of themselves as the real confidence she should be into as a absolutely good enough concept for her, potentially!” he figured. Thereby he told her not to take advantage of the situation once they seemed thorough about believing she was into things they could be helping her with.

Steve's sister looked thoughtful. “It seems to me,” she said at last, “that she and whoever that could be would not reject, in that case, me nor my assumptions about what I want in life. However,” she said, “they could fairly easily reject the notion of me as a woman of realism - and thereby have me seem awkward enough for people to be exhorting and admonish about what there is to being a woman! It really matters to me that she had already done that to me once! But thank you anyway, and let's not try to be into me being the worse of than for example you! Cause didn't he try to do that trick on you, that guy from the tennis practice?”

Steve looked thoughtful. “He didn't try to harass me, although I wasn't into trying to do anything but insult him about trying to catch my attention in that sense! But even so I don't see it in him to be smart enough to actually trap me in the dilemma of viewing male competence as that kind of silly!”

Thoughtful again, Steve's sis said: “I don't feel we are actually into the same depth of trouble about them, in that case! But I feel we could be talking to them as reasonable to the extent that I can also find him to be smart at the same things that you've been telling me about, concerning for example her!”

“I don't know them that well! But could they seem to be that kind of smart at actually seeming realistic and confident at same time as timing themselves with their assumptions of themselves as totally clever because their penises are erect or something?”

“Do you mean that's what the lesbians do?”

“I mean that's what they're into trying to pretend those bastards who are men and try to score on me!”

“Alright, then! I'll try to find out to the extent I can who is into that kind of thinking about males and who also sorts out those that should be described as his for the night for it!”

Chapter three

“I can't feel lesbian about it in the first place!” Steve's sister continued complaining about the new woman to be onto her.

“But, Lina,” the woman retorted, “you seem lesbian to me! And the notion of them as better than us is the one you should be avoiding for the sake of actually being into regarding yourself as the supreme being that they should view as desirable - always more than you them!”

Lina looked at her with some astonishment. “I don't feel the lack of confidence that you're implying by saying so! I can't see it in you to be helping me whit any real problem, that is!”

“Then how should you go about finding a husband who says to himself to be the cool and brawny - or whatever - hunk to adore without that meaning that your own gender should be set aside as though always too inferior to be viewed as the real and important one?!”

Lina looked at her in disbelief. “No, I don't feel that I need to be that important about it!”

“Then tell me; how come do you feel that you don't have the confidence to be into a relationship with them as though they were not smarter than you when you tend to believe they're worth it for you?!”

“Oh! There's no problem in that! I feel the men I'm acquainted to aren't smarter than I in general even though they sometimes can be clearer on certain points than what I can.”

“I don't feel confident that you and not your would-be spouse would be deciding how, for example, the family should spend their vacation, nor do I tend to believe they would ever let you feel free to actually view yourself as certified as good enough for their fashion of virtue about that whatever you did believe they are supreme with!”

“I can't feel you have the right to imply that I have anything but that those guys tend to seem smarter, although they are not! I don't find it in me to need to be lesbian although I tend to believe that males are not necessarily smarter than us!”

“Then how come you feel awkward to be with except for when you seem to be into realism of exactly their kind!?”

“I feel confident they are not into realism of that kind except for that I encourage them to be it! Thereby, I don't feel they're less dependent on me than I on them!”

“I feel there's nothing telling us that they can't take advantage of that you are the one to have to be eager about their attitudes being adapted to you, in that case!”

“My! It's not true that I will be asking them to tell me what to say about things they care about! It's they, at least as often as I, who come to me and hanker after my confidence in them, and inspiration for them to be into those kinds of philosophies! Or at least it seems that way for me!”

“I feel they don't know what you're actually into in that case!” she said. Seemingly to Lina, she began musing at the thought of seducing her while saying that. Thereby she rose from her chair and left.

Chapter four

After tennis, Lina's brother again had a problem with a man who seemed to fancy him. It was to be said that he felt confident that this guy too was awkward enough to be ridiculous, although he this time felt that he actually ignored that fact about himself. Thereby he felt that the man should not at all be the one to be able to even speak to him at all.

Even so that man opened his mouth and said: “I guess your name is Benny! I saw that on the players list!”

“So what!?” Benny asked indignantly.

“Oh, I just thought you should be saying to yourself that I should be treated as the kind of player you could have a match with.”

“I don't feel like having your acquaintance!”

“I can't tell why they feel that they have the confidence to tell you that they don't tell themselves to keep you for themselves, while I am actually a better match for tennis!”

“I don't feel they or you should make that kind of decision for me!”

“Then how come they don't play with you as the kinda fellow who doesn't pertain to being open about partners? I mean they seem to be into that you switch partners just the same as most of us!”

“I wonder what they seem to be to you, then, 'cause I and the guys I've been playing with have not been totally open in that sense!”

“I guess you're not aware of that Andy has had you seem confident in the reality of switching partners for the sake of improving the tennis!”

“I guess I'll have to talk to Andy about that in that case!”

“I guess they don't know that you, as well as I, seem to be into trying to serve that ball as though there was a thought to be had about how to treat it as though it was a human being!”

Startled, Benny thought for a while. “If I do that, then why would there be anything but that's my business, whether or not you do it the same way?”

“I feel you and I are exactly alike and I would therefore want to play a game with you!”

“No, I can't agree with that we two will have to be playing together!”

Chapter five

“But as you said before,” Lina told her brother, “you're not into as much trouble as I am about it!”

Benny felt that it should be discussed at another level. “I don't mean that I have exactly that kind of trouble! I mean that I could have run into that same stuff as you have, though!”

“I guess that could be so! But what if there aren't any men who could actually insinuate that other men should be viewed as powerless against women - in that way the bitch I was forced to speak to during the lunch break did?!”

“Oh, Lina, I have a friend who has that kind of problem with them! He told me that two men are speaking to him that way! He keeps on telling me that they sordidly pretend he should be into them as soon as his mother or wife scolds him!”

“Hm. I guess that could be an exception, then!”

“I suppose so.”

“I can't say there are enough exceptions, probably, for us to be understood by men in general!”

“No, I can't say there must be, I guess. ...”

“I can't say they know what I'm into, what kind of trouble I have with them! And I can say they actually seem to care about it! That is most of them. ...”

“I can say that my problem is that women seem to be into that they would have to view us all as supreme, or that kind of fake supreme that you've heard about us, if they are to view me as a partner for real!”

“OK! So we both have sort of exactly that problem!”

“OK, yes! Yeah, I feel that it's supposedly arrogant of a guy to feel confident about his masculinity, while you women tend, I guess, not to even try to be into that kind of thing!”

“I guess you can feel that masculinity is about being hetero as well!”

“Yes, I can!”

“I guess you feel that I should be into treating women as though they were low if they didn't feel they were better suited for male than female partners of sex, then?”

“Yeah, I feel you as well as we - or I man at least I - should!”

“Then how come you seem to be into men and women seeming to be inapprehensible for each other only when they seem to be into male gay stuff?! I mean you really seem to be treating the problem as though they would tend to have the insults stay with us females as though that was a worthwhile situation to be had!”

“Do I?!”

“I think you have done that to me, although they markedly chose me before you, those women!”


“I feel you did that to me last month, when those people tried to be into that both of us needed to move away from our parents house! I feel they got the impression that you were the only one who figured on the type of relationship that seemed correct for heterosexual attitudes only!”

“I can't feel that we're both into the same kinda trouble then. Because I can't see it in me to be confident that no one does anything to harm that emotion of pertinence to the type relationship that for example Jesus would advice us to have!”

“I can't feel that it's into some relationship already when it's Jesus it's all about!”

“I can't say that it couldn't be!”

“I guess I'll just have to try to find a way to do the feminine version of that then!”

“Yes, do try that!”

Chapter six

“I feel they don't aught to get into that kind of relationship!” the woman in front of Lina said.

“Why not?”

“Because they can't appreciate one another for that feeling of confidence, that's why!”

“I feel that you're not into anything but harassing the two of them! They seem potentially quite OK as a couple, even for wedlock, I think!”

“I can't find it in me to believe they are into a relationship that is about what women want! It's not that she and I didn't have any relationship that she is about; rather it's she who ignores the fact that nowadays she could run into me the same way as though she was still needing me!”

Lina looked at her. “Why do they always seem to fancy themselves as though they were always that better partner!?”

“Are you talking to me!?” the woman asked.

“No, to God, I guess!” Lina answered.

“Then I shall see it in you to be the kind of Christian that I shouldn't be relating to!”

“OK, great!”

“But tell me first: How come they always seem to be in defense of men, those heterowomen?!”

Lina sighed. “I can't say that you're actually into speaking to God when you say that!”

“Oh, God is that hetero, right?!”

“I can't feel confident that He is anything but that hetero!” Lina retorted.

“I feel God is a woman, and that She is as lesbian as I and the four other females in this office!”

“No, God is a male. And if He were a female, then he would be into that you and the others should be caring about the male gender too!”

“I guess She doesn't start to complain about it were it not for that male heritage stuff that is about that I and the others seem to be anti-masculine, just because we're gay!”

“Why do they always feel like complaining, as soon as they think, even, about that so-called 'male heritage'!?”

“I don't see it in that woman to be clear on that God wants there to be space enough for femininity to take over the world, now that the male heritage (which is not really a figment of our imaginations as this bitch implies) has fallen - or at least seems to be falling!”

“I feel that you must be more or less out of your mind to find it in God to be into that kinda feminism!”

“I feel that this imbecile before me must be treated as such!” she said and left.

Chapter seven

Benny seemed to be confident now that he was masculine enough to survive against the gays that could harass him, Lina noted. He seemed to be into that they would not be viewed as the realists that had some point against him that would be strong enough to put him down much. “I see that you feel lucky now that you're clear on that your problems with the gay are much lesser than mine are?”

“Yeah, I feel that kind of alright with myself about it!” Benny answered.

“I can tell that you and the woman you intend to score on aren't to be seen as the real losers in that sense, are you Benny!?”

“I guess we aren't! I can't say I'm confident that she doesn't pertain to other opinions, though, than those I can feel are good and worth it - for example in that sense, though, sis!”

She looked thoughtful. “OK! But in that sense, perhaps you could be into that she as well as I has a problem with the real nuisance the absoluteness of the reality that they seem to be into, those who are blessed with confidence!”

“I guess,” he answered thoughtfully.

“Then how are you to be understood as that guy who should be trusted, now that you feel that they aren't really smart at getting at your air of confidence in relationships and such!?”

“I could say that it could be trustworthy of me to be able to feel that way! Can't you, sis?!”

“I guess I can! But how come, then, do you say to me that she isn't a mature enough woman for you to the extent she can't adapt to the thoughts you have about that kind of stuff?”

“I guess can tell that she wasn't mature enough, actually, for me, if she didn't mean that there was not any way that she would disappoint me about for example that!”

“Then how come I should always be treated as the inferior to you whom you seem to be finding dumb enough to be ignoring, except for the friendship of being a sibling!?”

“I feel that the way I treat you isn't that you are so dumb, sis! I don't feel that she nor I will consider you the actual dummy of my family! So I don't feel that you should feel too insecure!”

“Then what do you mean by that I should be smartly treated as the inferior you insinuated by saying to me the other day that nobody wants a woman who seems to be up to believing she is into never asking a man about whom she would be saying to herself that she needs if she is into business of being responsible and moral!

"I don't feel confident that you are into decency and such yourself in a way that promotes finding out what we - women that is - feel about such stuff!” she added and sobbed.

“I can feel that you're up to women to decide about in a totally different sense than I have been into males to be that way about! I can also tell that you try to be smart enough at avoiding them to feel confident, but still are unable to remain smart at being yourself in the relationship sense, right?”

Again she sobbed. “Don't you know that the girls at in my office happen all to be lesbian - all but me! Thereby, I'm sure that I've been unlucky enough not to have to be looked down upon for much else than mere misfortune!”

“Hmh! OK, sis! I can tell you're actually about that misfortune if they really all are that way! But what if you weren't into them seeing you as their potential partner?”

“They don't see me as their potential partner except for that they all tend to view everyone as their potential partner! I also tend to think it's because Angela wanted me there, only, that I'm into this trap!”

“Oh! then Angela seems to be that cunning lesbian who actually assures you to to take advantage of the situation of that women's lib stuff, right?!”

“Yeah, it's her!”

“Then how come you're into relationships with anyone before that women's lib stuff is over with?! I mean wouldn't it be wiser to use that employment as a springboard into something normal instead?!”

“I guess so! But I can't seem to get away from them well enough to be into a new employment in that sense!”

“Then I agree with you that you're not imbecile about them! It's weird enough for me, though, that they seem to be thorough about having exactly you with them! How about letting them find someone else to be regarding as their catch to be had?”

“Yeah, I've tried that! But they seem then simply to have it that those should be of my interest as well as theirs!”

“Oh! That bad! Oh, that's horrible, sis!”

Chapter eight

“I feel confident now,” Lina said to herself, “that I too can consider them awkward in some sense that they don't want, but can't resist, if they insist on faking that she and I should have some kind of a love relationship! I even feel that I can confide in that nobody ever will try again without me seeing to it that they seem ridiculous for it!”

She felt ready, thereby, to start working on finding another job, without that seeming risky and/or mediocre so that the lesbians in her present work place were able to manipulate her into having to confide in them. In her office chair, she sat and pondered for a while, and then decided to soon after work try to hit on some fellow for the sake of confidence against them. She almost didn't need this, she felt, but was feeling insecure without some man to the extent that she felt that it was definitely worth it to do it.

“Strange that I didn't think about this before!” she thought. “I guess it must be that they all seemed so ready to feel that I was silly if I tried to be with that stranger of a man, somehow. “I guess what I've just learned, and what Billy has been doing for a long time, is more or less turning the table on them! I guess, also, that the boss and Angela both are into pretending that I feel insecure as long as the men are available for me!” With that she looked around in the office, where the only two male coworkers were studs that seemed into lesbianism as the only real attitude of a woman, she thought.

“I feel,” she said to herself, “that they are nothing but rabbitfish men for that notion! I also feel the girls around me, including the boss herself, hardly feel anything but worthwhile in being selfish about their interests in themselves as sexual objects for whomever that could be applicable for, and then also sort of into that no other males  -  perhaps  -  than those two should be showing them even something of an interest in that respect! Perhaps they're all into lesbianism because they all feel they're OK with nothing to be had about being normal!” she thought.

“I feel,” she kept on pondering, “that they nowadays will be that absolute nonsense that I have been into just for the sake of trying to be as immature as Angela had it I should be for being mature in her sense!”

In that she kept on pondering about this, she noticed her coworkers seem to be interested in falling for the thought of themselves as truly into business, while actually only piggy-backing on that sex sells. Thereby she came to the conclusion that the business was not actually into caring about what is said in the media, about women nor even women's issues, which Angela and then her boss had bragged about being able to do.

“I wonder why,” she thought for herself, “the women of this office seem disinterested in sex as soon as there are men about, and fairly interested in it if they aren't! I wonder also if they're into self-confidence that assumes men to be actual inferiors or actually really only inferiors on the surface, except when it comes to sex appeal!"

After work, she continued pondering on that notion, but also did the search she had intended to do: While skimming through lonely-hearts adds in the local paper, she saw one from some fellow who seemingly was enthusiastic about feeling women should look down upon him. With that she concluded that he must be the kind of guy the women at the office would never want to be accepted as anything but a fake. Strangely she felt a notion of that he considered himself enviable for being a man who could consider himself too low to be thought of as the chimera of rights that he probably, she figured, saw in other males to be in the sense that they thought they didn't apply to the definition females could have about selfish men.

Chapter nine

Steve went to work with the thought of his now seemingly likely girlfriend on his mind. When there, he asked one of his coworkers what he thought of her, trying to describe her as a woman of some class, but who still seemed a bit too lonely for actual potential - or seeming, at least - of having the kind of self-esteem that a woman of fine dignity aught to have. The coworker shrugged.

“I can't feel they don't seem to be into seeing it in themselves to be awfully mistreated by almost any male, and then simply trying their appeal on the next one, saying to him, as with the one before, that each man seems to be mistreating her!”

“Oh, my! You think that of her!” Steve answered.

“Yeah, I think that of most of them!” the man said. “But I also think they should be into confidence about us who are male to be reckoned with as for real in that emotional sense, which they keep implying only women care about being!”

“I feel they aren't all up to the same sort of mystery!” Steve objected.

“Oh, I can't say they're all into mystery in the first place! Just the thought of having the appeal of being seemingly mysterious, that's what they're all about!”

“I can't confide in you, then, because I don't have the illusion that they are all just the same!”

His coworker looked at him but said nothing. Instead he grabbed his hammer and went to work.

Chapter ten

As Lina went to work the next day, she spotted her coworker Chrissy seem to be horny about another, seemingly new, coworker. She looked at them with some disgust. “How come, Chris, do you pretend that it's only males that you believe are into sex, and still represent us by taking advantage of that new girl!?”

Chrissy looked up at her, seemingly startled. Then she answered: “How come you even question that!? We should all be working together against that this should be a male-dominated world! So thereby, we should all have to be into sex as the notion of confidence that we all should be about without their company! Thereby I have the right to train this girl in feeling superior even in that sort of sense!”

Lina looked at her and asked: “How come then, do you feel, seemingly, that the main trick we should have against the male kind is to to assert our none-sexual instincts, while at the same time harassing this poor woman into believing they shouldn't seen as our actual inferiors in that sense?!”

“I don't see that she couldn't be learning to take it that way while also learning to be female in every other sense of the word!”

The young woman beside her opened her moth and said: “I don't feel that I must very much learn that kind of notion of being female!”

”I don't see it in you to be anything but that bitch who cannot find confidence in actual womanhood, while she at the same time seems overly confident in the exact measurements of her own sanity of being such, I think!”

“We shouldn't be into seeing men as the inferiors were it not for that they actually want to revel much in that we seemingly become horny about them unless we're into feminism of an actually more real kind than that you should be harassing that other woman!” While saying this she pondered about whether or not she could actually tell the police that her coworker was trying to take advantage of a new girl in the office, and also about why she didn't think about this regarding herself with the boss and at least three of the other women at this office.

The girl beside Chrissy sobbed a little and then said: “I feel confident that you should never be into men and women as being alike! Because when there is supposed likeness, then there is also the notion that everyone should be into pretending that females are all supposed to be as sexual as males!”

“I don't feel that this notion of yours has anything to do with reality!” Chrissy bridled at her. “Most of all I shall -” There she was interrupted by Lina, who said: “Why don't you both try to believe in something better than that male attitudes should actually be viewed as our notion of what is for the better for all of man kind - so-called man kind that is! Don't be into that it isn't male chauvinism that shouldn't be seen as something of a notion of pretending sex appeal is the only thing for a woman to aim at for being resurrected and put into the power she deserves!”

“Gosh!” the new girl burst out, while Chrissy just stood there, her eyes narrowing and then she exploded: “I can't see it in you to be of actual feminism! The way they have been talking about you, some of the other girls - and even the boss  -  has told me that your mind is almost totally set on betraying what we all stand for! And now you have seemingly come to the conclusion that we should all stand for being inferior by being asexual creatures, while males should have the advantage of seeking sex for pleasure and power!”

The new girl looked at them and said: “I cannot find a way to understand those policies that you both are preaching, those that say we are all inferior unless we try to be sexual or not! Inferiority has not got anything much to do with being a sexual creature or not!”

“I for one,” Chrissy said, “feel that we are superior only to the extent we are sexual to the extent that male chauvinism cannot find a way to beat that notion of sexuality for the sake of their fatal ideals! With that I will conclude that the two of you are actually into male sort of feminism, which thereby harasses us to the extent that I had to teach her to be otherwise! And then you, bitch,” she said looking at Lina, “came here and told us the stuff that your brother, and is that perhaps dad - or even a new boyfriend of yours - has taught you!”

“I don't know what to say about that!” Lina admitted. “But I do know that the notion of our sexuality isn't to be seen as the only notion to be had about sex, and that their sex is fairly, if not very, different from ours! Even so, I saw you seem to be abusing this newcomer in a sense that I would like to figure on as mostly masculine, and then we could be together about defining them all as similar to what the notion of them has seemed to be, for example on this company's official website!”

The new girl turned to her and answered: “How can they be into believing that they're sex free and at the same time be sexual predators like that?!” She pointed at Chrissy.

After those words she exclaimed that she would try to sue this woman named Chrissy, and that she could perhaps be suing the whole company. Chrissy said that there was nothing to be suing her for, but then also thought of that Lina would perhaps be witnessing to her advantage. She thereby added: “I suppose the notion of sex should be into being discrete in the actual sense, and not trying to demonstrate that we can be as smart as the males at cultivating it!” And then, turning towards Lina: “Or isn't that what you mean by saying men are better than women at regarding themselves as free from being manipulable, and thereby at being free that way!? Or hadn't you said that to her?!”

“To the boss? Yes, I did. It seemed to be that way for me earlier, but now I've come to some kind of conclusion about how to do that in the feminine way!”

“I guess that means we should be trusting them as the notion of what there is to be done about our inferiority, then, huh?!”

“I don't agree!” Lina retorted, but somehow the cat got her tongue about continuing. She wanted, actually to say something like “I don't feel that they're actually superior now that I found this feminine version of what my brother had been doing.!” But somehow the atmosphere around kept her from having the right notion about it, she felt.

“I feel that you aught to tell yourself never to be obnoxious with us that way again, Lina! Thereby, I will tell you now, and thereby forever, that we all have found feminine versions of what males we knew, respectively, were into! It is not about male, nor is it about female that stuff! Thereby I can say that you're clearly into faking that you have an opponent in him, and that the so-called opponent in him isn't anything but a chimeric of that you care about the anti-male stuff! I can't see the pathetic attitudes you've been having as anything but the nonsense we don't need in this company!”

Chapter eleven

Lina did find another employment about two months later. Thereby she found herself at ease, seemingly from now on with her situation. But she wasn't able to view the others at her old work place as good enough for her to say to herself that she wanted to consider them friends, and thereby people (both male and female) at the new work place seemed not to want to confide much in her as a potential friend.

Steve, who now had a girlfriend, also seemed more content than earlier. He seemingly didn't care to pretend as if something about the change in his sister, and thereby couldn't very easily be asked about why she should be ignored by her new coworkers, she felt. Moreover, she felt somehow that she wouldn't want to confide in him, nor any other man, except for the notion of herself as being real about her own self-esteem, somehow. In that sense, she couldn't find him a brother at all, in a sense.

She too, however, soon enough got herself a relationship with one of the guys in her new workplace. She and he were very happy together for about two months. But after that time he seemed to slip away from her, she thought, by assuming she was superior for the sake of being too unreachable for her to be worth him. Then she decided to speak to her brother, after all, about it.

He related this to his own, very similar, relationship problematics and said: “I can tell you've really reached the goal of being into feminine attitudes against saying it's lesbian to actually be like a woman. Congratulations, then, sis! ... But now you're into my kind of problems, right?”

“Yeah, that's correct!”

“I can relate to the way you and he handled your new relationship and the way I see it, he is into that the notion of you as the woman to be sharing his life with became too dominant for him. You know, after all he can't easily know enough about you to be able to trust you enough to really stake his life for the relationship the two of you had. Thereby, I think it's a bit like me and my early women, that they seem to be too imbecile in the sense that they pretend I'm really not trustworthy, when like the only thing they must do is to pretend as if something about their own fortune or misfortune about happenings that more or less concern that relationship, if you follow.”

“Hmh. yeah. It is like that! And to the extent he didn't seem sort of imbecile, he seemed rather content with pretending I was actually his inferior just the same! This I recall you said about at least one of the early girls you had!”

“I see that you really have found the feminine attitude that matches my so-to-speak male chauvinism! Haha! Cause that's what several of my exes - and even you, by the way - sometimes defined it as!”

Lina also laughed. “Haha! Yes, I guess I really have done it!”

With that they decided not to cornily define that thing as male chauvinism ever again. Instead they could define it as a notion of that chauvinism was worth its while  -  and that this could apply to both men and women, who thereby readily defined the own gender as the proper one, and the other gender as the substitute one. It was no longer a problem for her to seem to be a woman of business, as long as she kept dealing with men as simply not able to reach her standards of being a woman. However, the women at the office of the new workplace considered her a potential threat against their femininity in that she was sophisticated at presenting herself as the woman that was good enough, seemingly for all males around. This, however, wasn't worse than the awful attitudes that she had finally escaped from. ...

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