Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Dilemma of Society's Sense of Superiority

Leila and Carl sat and listened to their hippie-and-tomboy sister Jenny's statements about how some men seem ignorant of the fact that they seem silly when they try to be mean, or so to speak, for the sake of seeming benevolently sexual.

“For the sake of harmony,” Jenny said, “they try to fake that they are thrilling as long as they're into sexual pleasure or something! It's even when they are into not pretending as if something about sex as what they want!”

Carl looked at her. “Do you find Cat Stevens to be into that, of sorts?” he asked.

Jenny thought for a while. “Yes!” she said at last. “But with him it's into that there is a musical talent, so that he hardly makes that kind of a fool of himself.”

Leila and Carl looked at each other, then at their sister. “How come,” Leila asked, “do you feel he should be into anything but feeling good about himself as a person who needs not be responsible for having it coolness is of such an importance?!”

Jenny looked stubbornly back. “It's because even he doesn't seem to feel that he's into obnoxious enough attitude to actually be like a man!”

The two siblings she had been talking to both sighed at this, after which there was a pause before Jenny added: “I feel that horny men should be cool enough to feel comfortable with being immature enough to have it I and they are to be feeling great about ourselves in any context where they have it in me to hang around with them.” She mused for a while. “Then I also feel they should be horny enough to tell me to find them attractive, and then also to screw me, so that I feel they are the kinds of boys that really pertain to all masculinity there aught to be to a man!”

“Oh, wow!” her sister said with a slight edge of irony to her tone of voice.

Jenny looked indignantly at her.

“How come,” Carl asked, “don't you feel that you could be feminine, then?”

Now Jenny looked even more indignant. “Don't harass me again about that! I know you feel I should be more feminine! But I know that men in general don't ask me for it! Thereby I will be into men in general and not into the likes of you! I despise you for asking me to be of any other nature than the one I have! And for the men who are into masculinity as much as I will have them continue being, they are smart enough to see in me, most of them, that I am a woman of competence, in that I can be their companion for a night or two! After that they will see in me that I am a companion for most men, and that will stay with my ways of assisting them in their lives, about their needs, respectively, for a woman who can relate to them all!”

“Then how come you feel like a woman when you're actually behaving like a man right now?” her sister broke in.

Jenny looked scornfully at her. “I am not into being a man's woman for the sake of being feminine! I'm into it for the sake of being mature, and maturity is what you both lack! But for that maturity I will have a competence to feel good about myself and forever feel I am free and cool enough to be of good enough attitude to be seen as the woman who should be cool enough to be treated well!”

Leila looked at her. “I don't feel okay with you being into male behavior as though it was the solution for everything!”

“Me neither!” their brother commented.

Jenny snorted smugly at it. “Today I'm going to meet another three fellows or so! And we're all gonna have a great time in the neighbourhood! I am not going to fall for your nonsense about femininity being the virtue for us all! I am not going to be humiliated into being that woman who feels inept to appreciate the male attitude as the essence of our being! It's I who can satisfy them with my severe attitudes about why I should be seen as the best to hang around with! You - and you too, you both seem to fit into the norms of society, while I feel that freedom is about seeing the corniness of you all as a delusion of the past generations, who said to us all that we aught to adapt to their ability to view themselves as the supreme beings who aught to be seen as superior just because I am a little bit into caring to be cool and so!”

“I can,” her sister said, “have it they don't have a point. But I don't feel that it would be correct to say it!”

“Then how come you don't feel up to caring about me when I feel like a smart girl at feeling that I'm up to men and their needs so much that they all assist me in having them seem good enough for our society to bargain from them?”

“Because I don't feel that way about neither you or them! That's why!”

“Then how do you feel about us?!”

“I feel that both you and they should be staying away from the behaviors that disturb real people's lives and disturb our society from being real about what there actually is in life to be caring about!”

“Then how come both you and I don't feel like being, even now, enthusiastic enough for the school grades they want us to have, and so!?”

“Oh! I feel up to the grades! I just can't manage to pull them all of! I feel they are into treating me a bit like the woman who shouldn't be into smartness as an asset of exactly my family. Therefore I can't find a way to actually pull the real good grades of!”

Carl looked at her and said: “I feel the grades are not for us to be thinking of! You know, I have a job by now, and I feel you, Leila - and even you actually - should be into working for the sake of money and so that we can manage our family now that daddy has taken an overdose!”

“Then how come,” Leila asked, “ do you feel up to society as a fair pressure on the likes of us, when it seems to be only you who can even get the personal interest to match their concerns?!”

“I just feel that society is there for us and that we can manage as long as we're on their side, and not like our father, against it!”

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