Friday, February 26, 2016

An Essence of Understanding One's Friends

“Today I'm going to see Josephine!” Phil said. “She and I are going to find out about why our friends don't seem to like to be expected to care about the notions of pleasure to be much else than sexual insinuations or insinuations about their supremacy compared either to those who are - sexual - or those who aren't.”

His friends looked at him with an air of not believing him to be in his right mind. “Why then,” one of them said, “do you feel that we are your friends at all!? I mean wouldn't you - and I guess she also - have been better off never talking to us, then, even? That is, I don't mind that you do that, it's just the insinuation you just made, about us not being worthy of your trust and company, that troubles me!”

“Jeff!” Phil answered. “I don't feel like being into explaining myself for the sake of the claims that you might believe me to have about seeing myself as the friend that you guys want to talk to!”

“Then what do you want?!” A woman friend named Wendy burst out.

Phil said he didn't want to answer to that one either, since he got harassed by people if he said they were to be viewed as good enough people to claim to have any reason for liking. Jeff and Wendy both looked a bit uneasy upon hearing it, and so did his formerly very good friend Andrew. The two others who were there - Carl and Jenny - seemed rather indifferent, though.

“Look,” Andrew said, “as we go a long time back, in our friendship, there really seems to be some mistake in that you take me, also as this kind of a fellow! I mean - cause you mean me as well, don't you? - that we don't have to have the confidence in each other to always pretend the best about the other fellow, but at least we could have the courtesy with each other to tell the other fellow about it first, instead of ruling out the possibilities of responsible and just care for one another just the same!”

“Don't say to me that you don't feel like telling me at times that I am a none-worthy kind of fellow! don't pretend for me that you didn't scold me the other day just to pretend for the others that I was an asshole and a looser whom you didn't want to get into contact with in the first place. Don't even tell me that you're not the looser you say I should be with as if there was a winning streak with him of some kind!”

With that Phil left his five former friends and went to a theater to meet with Josephine. When there he saw her standing there and waiting. He said hello, and she greeted him back. After that they went into the cinema and watched a movie about a family that got lost in a wilderness and managed to survive for some years; but eventually they all died.

After it, the tow of them went to a restaurant where each of them ordered a dinner. While there they began speaking about that issue Phil had earlier discussed with his former friends.

“I guess they're about,” Josephine said, “the notion of themselves as supreme because they are contently and superficially smart at seeing one another as the real good friends they aren't and then also to see you as the friend who disappoints them just because he isn't into very much of such a facade.”

“Yeah! That's what I've been figuring, too!” Phil said.

“Thereby I feel that you and I should start a friendship to be for real about good friends and not about sexuality - nor, actually, about that seeming hatred for it, either, though!”

“I hoped you would tell me something like this! Thank you for being a friend of a more real kind than them! ... But now, I'm afraid I need to discuss another issue about them: I can see in them that they are immoral compared to you or me - for example. But, somehow, I cannot find in them to obnoxious, usually, like neither you nor me! I don't mean the kind of obnoxious that they settle their business of seeming good with. What I mean is the kind that destroys one's assumptions about the friends one has as good enough people!”

“I hope you mean, then, that I and you are not troubled, actually, by each other's attitude problems! Because if not, then this pessimism, if I may say so, of yours is not good enough attitude for me to be trusting. I feel rather embarrassed if you feel that way about us! I mean, if you feel that we are more or less bound to be quarreling with each other, even though we both feel the same about the superficiality of such folks as they!”

“I can then not respond by anything but a response to why I said that. That is, I feel that we are into being responsible in the sense that doesn't pay off, seemingly, about caring about people's attitude problems and so.”

“I know. But thereby, wouldn't it pay off to just ignore them for the time that we spend together?”

“I guess. ... But I simply felt that I needed to talk about them this much, though.”

“I feel that we then can pretend as if something about ourselves as the immature people we are in that sense! I mean we can go to my place or yours, and there we can have the fun that they seem to have - or couldn't we?!”

“Yeah, I guess you and I could do that!”

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