Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Witch Mother and her Good and Evil Twin Daughters

”Father, what are we all about now that we can seemingly blame it on the other one!?”

“Dear, we don't have to ask it! It seems she's just coming along as your trailer to be judged as an asshole for all time and eternity, and I - as well as your mother - can tend to forever blame your twin for the evils you or the rest of the family do!”

“Great papa! Then she and I should go to the park and there have everyone believe they're evil to the extent they don't repress that she's cunning at having the seeming morals that we don't wandu pertain to!”

“Yeah, great!” her dad answered. “Now your mama and I are gonna terrorize her a little more for each month that passes - and then we'll know for eternal time how to seem good although we're actually cunning and not at all the lazy fuckers that keep on pertaining to morals simply because they're not able to be cunning like the real people, like us!”

“I'm gonna tell my mama about all of this! Then she and you can pleasure yourselves incenstously against her! And the two of you will never have to worry again about your brighter child being hurt by it - since she, that meaning I, is not susceptible for blackmail - and thus not as fun to watch being tormented and then unable to tell about it!”

“Great!” her father said.

“Then let's all terrorize her by seeking all the neighbours sympathy be for ourselves instead of for asshole who tends to pretend moral is actually the best for lasting eternally well, in a smart attitude, that is.”

Scornfully the evil twin girl giggled about her good twin, and then said to her father just how he should get into it with the neighbours so that everyone but she (the good twin) would be free to enjoy their mistake about how to be sufficiently on-the-point scornful about the mischiefs they are subjected to by this family's arrogance about their confusion!

The good twin, meanwhile, was washing her hair, which had been subjected to heat by the vengeance from a neighbour who's tulips had been ruined by her twin. She was also in pain, because the heat had hurt her very bad, but the mother only giggled about her suffering and kept on scolding her for not being like her somewhat younger evil twin.

“It is not that I am not a twin for the sake of being a virtue for the evils of the family!” he younger twin had said, teasingly, about the fact that she was the younger but still more trusted one - because their parents were evil enough to want an evil twin to gain any advantage, and they also terrifically well knew about the the older one that she was the fool of the family.

Thereby, the whole family, which included several half-siblings, two maternal and four paternal, plus one full sibling who had actually moved out. These evil family members later would advocate for the story to be tempting for others to be into for the virtue of making evil eternal. It was due to their blackmail that the evil twin would seem good in advocate positions of spirituality, so that the evil deeds of her and most of her family could hardly at all be traced by anyone not well enough tempted by the notion of eternalizing evil their way!

But later, the two parents ran into a woman who headed an extremely evil family, who saw in their position of caring about even that surface of moral to be useful for her purposes, and who could find it amusing to do that at their cost. She was a business woman who accused almost anyone whom she got near enough in social life and so of being too awkward to be trusted, while she herself could gain from good as the virtue of evil in even more efficient ways. The family with the twins had it in them to have killed off the older (and good) twin for the better of the welfare of the family's pertinence to seeming better than she was, and then also winning by blackmail their eternal souls to the extent it was possible to win it that way, they thought. But the evil twin who was left could not avoid seeming good in this circumstance, and thus fell victim with her family of the business woman who thus sold their secrets soon enough to be able to seem the fairly trustworthy among the awkward and untrustworthy. Thereby the belief of the father, which had been that murder would be the ultimate plot for eternity was totally proven wrong.

The family, who exploited one of their daughters, actually had the attitude of witches, and so did the business woman who later exploited them; they all thereby considered themselves inclined for attitudes of revenge against good, but could not prove themselves without beating each other at it.

It was the women of their society who proclaimed evil be of eternal presence. but it was the males of their contexts who proclaimed eternity be worthwhile to consider fake if not pertaining to their immorality, which would be at least as smart at evil as the witches' once they managed to revenge that morality that stopped their love for eternal immorality and so also the witches'.

The younger and evil twin sister thereby saw a possibility of real revenge against good when her father spoke to her about his considerations about how evil could not be stopped once they managed to blame the older twin totally. The older twin had thus not the chance to say to everyone that she had been mistreated into being the nuisance they made her be, nor that it was her sister's mischief they had come up against time and again.

It was not until eternal time had passed that the older sister got her vindication and resurrection. Then, after the eternity of suffering for the spirit of that poor elder sister, she got her vindication from that her mother finally totally lost her soul. But it was not until then, because the witches of that world were able to resurrect their spirits smartly for the sake of keeping the black soul they said to themselves that it was going to last for eternity. Then, upon this, the worst of the other family members fell with her. This is a true story, only it happened in another world which was not like ours, but where witches are present and which is inadequate for our world to be presented as quite intuitive about - although we can sometimes actually have some notion about it anyway, such as the notion I have for writing this, which actually happens very soon after that witch mother's total soul loss. ... !

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