Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Witches

”No! Indeed not at all any moral in that man!”

“How can you say this is an act?!”

Josephine writhed a little before attempting to answer. “Well, ... how can I put this. ... He's the kind of person who pretends to be of the mentality of the spiritual victims he has! I know he and his sisters all do it!”

David looked a little stunned. “The whole family, then, Josy?”

She looked seriously into his eyes. “No, I don't think it's the father, but hat mother might be the one to also be into it!”

“Gee!” David said with an air of being troubled.

“Exactly, David! So there they are, all four of them, it seems to me, able to be modern-time witches!”

David looked at her in amazement. “Do you mean those witches are for real, Josy”

“I mean they're for real and they are alive right now, ready to target yet another one of those innocent people that will probably die under more or less troubled and mysterious circumstances!”

“We have to, then, I guess, tell some people about it! But can we really get them to take this stuff seriously!? I mean witches, in modern times ... ”

She looked at him with a somewhat startled expression. “I don't know how you can say that to me! I can believe they see it in them, they like me, or at least as much as you! ... or I mean, let's not just say so. That is, if they don't already know about it, let's show them!”

“I guess we can do that!”

“Good! Let's start with that girl down the block! You know that redhead whom they seemingly have been pestering for about two months!”

“Yeah, let's! I can feel that this is turning out to be a worthwhile and interesting investigation, in the sense that we can perhaps learn something about the occult while we're at it!”

She smiled a little. “Yeah! I felt that already even yesterday!”

A few minutes later they knocked on the door of a red-haired girl named Cecilia Saedefdovic. She opened and listened to them. After a while she said: “There's an actual cunning in those four witches, it seems to me! They actually have had me feel desperate after seeming normal in the sense that they can probably register by their sixth sense! Thereby I will be trying to permit the two of you to examine the evidence I can have about it, but it's not an easy task to do so!”

She thereby let the two of them in and offered them some coffee.

“I will drink coffee later on in the afternoon,” Josephine answered. David looked at her and then at the girl they were investigating. “I, too,” he said, “can easily wait with the coffee, and I think it's better if we start talking immediately, if you don't mind.”

Cecilia shrugged. “Okay, I can go for that!” she replied.

“Good!” David said.

“Then let's start like this,” Josephine broke in, “I sure see it in you that they are harassing you by spirit! As an investigator of such mysterious crimes I feel it is they, the witches, who take advantage of the situation you have about that late husband of yours!”

“You mean that they killed him?” she asked.

“Yes! ... As I understand it he had a huge gambling debt, which they felt he should have to suffer from for not paying in time.”

“Yeah, that's correct.”

“Thereby, they have the pressure on you too - correct me if I'm wrong about this - to be trying to be into handling the situation as though you were in debt!”

“Yes, that is so!”

“And,” she continued, “the witches got to know about this when they found out that you were thorough about seeming to be very good and moral, right?”

“Yes, that's probably it! They did indeed try to harass me about it! That is all three of the children were trying to taunt me, and that old hag of a mother they have managed to ridicule the notion of that they should stop pestering me!”

“Good of you to tell me! Thereby he and I can continue this investigation, which I started by myself yesterday!”

David nodded. He seemed to feel that he was into something quite new, while his colleague seemed a bit sure about what she was into.

“The suspects are,” David said, “investigated by us for the reason of their tendency to always harass people around and in their neighbourhood. It is far from only you who have been pestered in something that seems similar to what you just told us about your situation!”

“I feel comfortable now that the two of you - and possibly even more people? - feel that it's worth it check them up and hopefully stop them!”

“Oh! Cecilia!” Josephine burst out. “Then perhaps you also could be taking part of it!”

Cecilia sighed. “Yeah, I think I can, because they aren't able to put that spell on me when you're around - at least not if it's both of you, it seems!”

The three of them thereby went to a fellow, named Jesse Adamson, whom Cecilia knew to also have the problem with those witches. At his apartment, they asked him to describe his situation with them. He said that he was unable to point out, somehow, usually, about them, that they really were harming him.

“As a matter of fact,” he said referring referring to the children, “the three of them are into seeing it in me to be able to cope for myself about being a sexual predator, wile actually being there themselves and troubling others with it! They - all four of them - seem innocent at first. Then, after a while one notices their awful insinuations that contain both sexual and other harassments, I think. But they seem to be harassing them from a distance, and somehow having it that I am that predator that the four of them are!”

Josephine looked at him with some sympathy. “You seem possible to view as immune to accusations in a way that could be their trick for having them believe they can't challenge you about it!”

Cecilia looked at the two of them. “Yes. I think I could have thought of you as a serial-killer, even, had I not known you for a very long time.”

Jesse took his time before replying. “It's all about the tendency they have to be into moral as though it was about seeming potentially into it, while I feel that one should say to oneself that one should be into moral a the natural starting point, which thereby should be supposedly there whether or not one thinks about it.”

“I cannot assume that it's me that it's all about!” Cecilia said thoughtfully. “Because for me it's the venom of seeming innocent that supports their evil attitudes about me, and somehow fixes it for them to have a view on me as the sort of person who should be harassed forever ... somehow!”

David looked at the three others and said: “It seems to me that it's about time we start to investigate how they manage to get their telepathy working even though they are clearly into Satan and not God!”

Jess took a deep breath. “Yeah,” he said. “We should all try to telepathise back, right?”

David looked at him and answered: “I can say we shouldn't take the risk of arrogantly getting into their telepathy! Even so, I propose we should be ready to take that kind of battle with them at a later stage!”

Jess sighed and said that he felt like doing it now, but that since David thought it unwise, he realized that it was not true that his emotions were wise.

Soon after, Josephine immediately her eyes and began telepathising, it seemed. A few moments later David did the same, but only for a few seconds. Though his colleague was still at it, he whispered: “It's us that it should seemingly be who can telepathise with no reason to seem guilty of any mishaps anywhere. Thereby, one shouldn't reach the specific target too fast!” he said.

With that he managed to get the other two to be careful about it. Cecilia then closed her eyes and felt for a while. Soon after Jesse did so too. Upon this, David went back to doing it again.

After half an hour, Josephine said, with her eyes still closed: “I have a notion of what they are about now! If you feel like it, you can follow me in telepathy to their home and invade their thoughts enough to stop them, hopefully, from being too successfully evil to be manageable for us good people!”

Also without opening his eyes, her colleague David whispered back: “Alright! Let's do it!”

The two others managed to follow them. When all four of them were there, they managed also to feel their way to their spirits and to turn them forever against themselves. This they had initially intended to do with both Jess and Cecilia, but weren't quite smart enough to!

Thus, with this seance, the whole story of the evil people of seeming innocent while also bewitching was over apart from that there was also a potential reprisal in that anyone they might be related to, and (only possibly) some acquaintances that were not relatives. This they managed to turn around to that they should chase those people better than vice versa, which seemed to start a battle between them and relatives of the four initial witches that lasted for two hours. Upon this, a shift in the air was apparent, and the witches seemed to be doomed to eternal punishments, finally!

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