Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Matters of Trust

Sitting in the rather cheap salad bar in the neighbourhood, I happen to overhear two people talking from the next table. They are one young man and one young woman. I can fairly easily look right at them, and have noted them both to be fairly good-looking. Thereby I feel a bit surprised by their attitudes:

“It's true!” the young woman said. “Almost every other guy I've met has been thorough about checking me out as though I was an imbecile!”

The guy looked at her. “Me too,” he said after a while. “But also feel the young women in this neighbourhood seem to laugh at that I am naive enough - or something - to find it in me to be a guy who would have cared to care about morals and stuff.”

“Then what do you mean that I am not the only one that you could imagine hanging out with among the girls around here?!”

“I mean that I simply imagine them to be for real about morals and stuff.”

“What do you mean you simply imagine that!? I mean couldn't they be what you should realize that you aught to avoid them?! They could be even meaner in the long run if you don't! That's what I feel!” she burst out.

He sighed. “No! I hate to imagine everybody to simply be faking that they are into morals just for the sake of pretending they aren't for real about finding it in themselves to care for immorality and so!”

She seemed disturbed by this. After a while she looked deeply into his eyes and said: “You don't know what they can do to someone who is naive with them!”

He stared at her for a while. “I imagine they can't take it for granted that they are good enough people to be into trying to be good all the time! But I cannot say to myself that they are completely evil, unless they are clearly into pretending to be simply about ways of being clear minded about having lust for evils that one cannot say to oneself that anyone has a right to do.”

“Do you mean that they seem to be good just because they don't pretend all the time to be satanists or something?!”

“Yeah! That's sort of what I mean!” he said rather solemnly. “But I do mean to say that I also am into believing that they are satanists even without there being any proof for that!”

The girl looked a little bit uneasy about this. “I feel they are into sort of being into satan! I feel they are into him in the sense that they are into evil in the first place! It is evil to pretend as though they are rather good people when one knows that they don't care for either men nor other women in any sort of real sense!”

“I can't suppose they don't really care for one another,” he said, with an attempted air of apprehension. After a short silence he added: “Also, I don't think I'm into pretending they're as evil as the men they hang out with!”

The girl looked at him as if she had just seen a ghost. At first she said nothing. Then she slowly began to say that she was into something that she didn't realize they seemed to be too innocent to do to her.

But he looked as if there was nothing real about what she was telling him.

Then she continued by saying that they actually pretended to be for real about men around here. But instead they actually harassed other women, as long as they weren't part of “the type of attitude,” she said “that seemed to lure about them - or at least I find them to be full of that real evil attitude!”

“I feel that they are not into men and thereby they are evil enough not to try to realize what is evil and what isn't! It is not up to me to decide, of course, what is and what isn't - I don't mean that! But still i can find it in me that as a man I can find it in me to know something about when things start to really be evil, and then I have to care about it, unless I'm a bad man. But with you and other girls and women around here, it is as if they never had any man around them, except for in a sense their family and perhaps one or two others. Thereby I feel they are not imbecile but evil but not in the sense that you put it when you say they're into the devil - even sort of!”

As I listen to this I start to realize that it's not imbecile to realize one is bad, but that it's also not imbecile to realize it too little to take for granted that one must be punished - unless God somehow fixes one a punishment just the same! As I keep on thinking about this, I find the two people before me to be rather imbecile, the two of them, apart from the fact that they are both into God in the not so imbecile sense that they are mature enough to care about what He has to say about morals.

While I ponder upon this, I find that the two people before me rise and leave. They are not talking any more about good and evil, nor rights and wrongs. Instead they are talking about going home to her place or his, and they somehow seem too trustworthy to be viewed as the kinds of people that God punishes for their attitudes about seeing more of each other.

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